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George Noory welcomed Jim Harold, host of The Paranormal Podcast, who shared creepy tales from this book True Ghost Stories: Jim Harold's Campfire II. One intriguing account followed a woman named Michelle from England whose three-year-old son made a rather shocking revelation. A WWI-style biplane was passing overhead one day when the young boy proclaimed to his mother, "That sounds like the plane that killed me," Harold said. The three-year-old provided details of his life with another family in London, visiting a pub with his girlfriend and finally dying in an apparent aviation-related explosion at home, he explained. Harold believes the story hints at the reality of reincarnation.

Another eerie tale centered on a boy named Gabriel and a most unusual Ouija board. The planchette was removed from its black silk cover and as soon as Gabriel touched it the box containing the board began to rattle, Harold recounted. Gabriel's spiritual adviser pulled the board out and set on the floor, where it promptly began crawling around like an inchworm, he added. According to Harold, Gabriel threw the board into a fire where it remained unscorched until the planchette was also thrown into the flames. Harold related the account of an experiencer named Jim, who was approached by a strange laughing man who told him, "Today will be the day." Jim heard and saw the phrase at various times throughout the day, culminating in seeing it written next to a grim reaper figure on a t-shirt belonging to an accident victim, he said.

Harold reported on two similar sky anomaly accounts. One from a female teen on vacation in Dayton Beach, Florida, who, along with her brother, claimed to have seen a castle made of clouds in the sky. They could see every brick, the drawbridge chains and window shapes, he disclosed, suggesting it may have been a military experiment. A similar sighting happened in New Mexico, where a man witnessed a highly-detailed eagle appear in the clouds, he added. Harold also conveyed the tale of The Roadhouse Saloon, as well as a story about a picture that would not stay on the wall. The photo was of the entire family and every time it fell from its mount someone within it would die in a matter of weeks, he revealed. After six times the elderly owner of the picture finally took it down for good, he said.

The remainder of the program featured Open Lines. Appearing in the third hour, actor Patrick Dennis Flanagan phoned in with a brief update on an upcoming independent horror movie he's starring in called Jake's Road. In the final half hour, George played a recording of actor Christopher Walken's dramatic reading of Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven.

News segment guests: Dr. Sky / Mitch Battros

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