Wizardry & Unforgettable Stories

Wizardry & Unforgettable Stories


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsOberon Zell, Open Lines

In the first half of the show, George was joined by practicing Wizard Oberon Zell for a discussion on wizardry and magic, strange creatures, and lost civilizations. He likened wizardry to philosophy, as both practices center on the pursuit of wisdom. "A wizard is generally considered to be somebody who knows stuff other people don't know and who provides that as a service," Zell said. Throughout history wizards have been teachers, mentors and founders of various schools of thought, he added, noting that wizards also penned the first books on mathematics, astronomy, architecture and medicine. Magic and science are essentially the same, Oberon continued, pointing to quantum physics as an example of this fusion. He claimed wizards are able to control coincidence, shape reality and change destiny simply by putting their focus into the patterns they wish to alter.

According to Zell, a legendary sea monster known as the Kraken was a real beast and related to contemporary giant squids but much larger—about the size of a bus. He suggested the Loch Ness Monster might be an enormous aquatic slug, which could explain why researchers have never found skeletal remains of the creature. Zell commented on the Thunderbird mystery, noting that the only bird still in existence capable of carrying off a small child is the Lammergeyer found in the Carpathian mountains. He further theorized that Thunderbirds could be animals from parallel universes, where extinctions of pterodactyls and giant prehistoric birds never happened. Zell briefly touched on his expedition to find mermaids and research which led to the creation of living unicorns. He also spoke about the Garden of Eden, which he said was an actual place now underwater in the Arabian Gulf, as well as the story of Atlantis, which he indicated was likely based on the volcanic destruction of Thera, an island north of Crete.


During Open Lines, George offered a special line for callers who wanted to share their unforgettable stories. Mike in Arkansas recalled an unusual occurrence that happened when he was 14 years old and staying over at his uncle's apartment. According to Mike, after falling asleep in his bed he awoke later that night to find himself downstairs standing outside of the front door. Mike remembered finding the door locked, walking to his uncle's car, then trying the door again and discovering it was unlocked. Robin from Redding, California, said she'll never forget observing an inexplicable black line in the sky over her city. It went on as far as one could see and was connected to a plane and what appeared to be a chemtrail, she noted, adding that her granddaughter also saw the bizarre aerial anomaly before it mysteriously vanished from view.

Rob in Provo, Utah, shared a ghostly experience he had during his time as a Mormon missionary in rural Idaho. He and his companion were performing a service for a ghost hunter who showed them some rather creepy photos of purported paranormal phenomena, Rob explained. Upon returning to their apartment the two immediately felt something was not right. The kitchen light faded on and off then cast a blue light, disembodied growls and footsteps could be heard from the hallway, and the entire floor and house shook, Rob said. He believes whatever was in their house was the same thing in the photos they were shown.

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