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Lizard Man / UFOs & ET Contact

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In the first half, author, musician, and cryptozoologist from Texas, Lyle Blackburn discussed his new work on Lizard Man-- South Carolina's "creature from the black lagoon." Many of the sightings took place near swamps around the town of Bishopville, and the humanoid creature was described as around 7 ft. tall with scaly greenish-brown skin, and an alligator-type mouth. Blackburn visited the town of Bishopville to interview witnesses, and concluded that people definitely saw something anomalous.

The most well known sighting of Lizard Man took place at Scape Ore Swamp in the summer of 1988, when teenager Christopher Davis was driving home from work and got a flat tire at the swamp. He saw a large three-fingered creature moving toward him that attacked his car before he was able to drive away. When he reported it to the local sheriff, a national media frenzy began, with major outlets like CBS covering the case. Blackburn noted there's been a kind of 'curse of Lizard Man,' with Davis and other witnesses dying young. In Bishopville, there were three instances where cars were apparently damaged or "mauled" by an unknown animal. There've also been sightings of reptilian-like humanoids in other parts of the country, said Blackburn, such as the New Jersey Gatormen and the Loveland Frog.


In the latter half, leading UK authority on UFOs and the alien presence, Timothy Good, talked about his work documenting contact between aliens and humans from all across the globe, dating back to 1932, including meetings with military personnel and American presidents. The 1932 case involved Leo Dworshak and his brother who claimed to have first encountered a landed flying craft not far from their farm in Killdeer, North Dakota. The boys claimed they were taken on board the alien craft on a number of occasions, and learned the ETs were conducting an "environmental survey" and were concerned about the health of the planet.

He detailed Pres. Eisenhower's alleged three meetings with aliens during 1954-1955, and at one of the meetings, Eisenhower was said to be alarmed when they demonstrated their ability to make their craft invisible. Good also spoke of "leviathans of the skies," enormous flying craft witnessed around the world, including a giant flying triangle seen in Middlesex, UK, as well as a bizarre "flying fairground" seen in 1987 that dwarfed an airliner. He has concluded that a number of different types of ETs are visiting our planet and some of them are based here. They seem to have a vested interest in Earth and some are here for positive purposes, others less so. According to Good's informed sources, some of the aliens are conducting a sinister hybridization program.

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