Predictions for 2014

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Predictions for 2014

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George Noory hosted the long-standing Coast to Coast AM tradition of reading listener predictions for the past year (2013) and recording predictions for the new year ahead (2014). Here are some highlights of what the callers foresee in the new year.

  • Tom in Salem, Oregon predicted a large tsunami somewhere in Asia, possibly in China or Taiwan.
  • Conner from California said that in 2014 the effects from Fukushima radiation will begin to be noticeably seen on people from the West Coast of the US.
  • Via text, Bob from Michigan wrote that the Obamacare health system will become more flawed, and many people's claims will not be paid.
  • Cancer cells will be used to cure paralysis within the next five years, offered Cliff from Reno.
  • Duke predicted a scandal involving Pope Francis related to his involvement in the 'Dirty War' of Argentina in the 1970s.
  • Dan from Colorado foresees a major constitutional crisis in the US, possibly involving the impeachment of Pres. Obama.
  • We will lose at least five celebrities in drunk driving accidents, Jason from Chicago communicated via text.
  • Jeff in Culver City, CA predicted the death of Fidel Castro, due to natural causes.
  • Scientific proof will be found for other dimensions and the multiverse, posited Bill in W. Hartford.
  • Sue in Rapid City, SD warned that hospitals will become overloaded with patients with radioactivity mostly from Fukushima and chemtrails.
  • David from Lake Tahoe, NV said that the US may lose its world reserve currency status.
  • Obama will become known as the "war president," said Terry from Ohio.

Reviewing callers' predictions from last year for 2013, here are some of the hits & misses:


  • A scandal involving Scientology. (Simon- Baltimore, MD)
  • Gold prices will fall. (Dave- Minneapolis)
  • There will be more crazy shootings nationwide. (Mike- Livermore, CA)
  • The efforts to ban firearms will be pushed back. (Mickey- Tulsa)
  • Things are going to hit the fan in Damascus. (Marianne- Madison, NY)


  • In the Spring, there will be the Iran War. (Nick- Queens)
  • Comet ISON will cause major hysteria. (Rick- Franklin, TN)
  • All the millionaires and billionaires lose all their money. (Kevin- LA)
  • Bigfoot will be discovered and captured in June 2013 in Washington or Oregon. (John- Bronx)
  • Pope Benedict will pass away in the summer time. (JD- Tulsa)

The Near Future

During the first hour, as we headed into the new year, hypnotherapist Dr. Bruce Goldberg talked about the concept of future lives, and what we can expect in the future. In the next 15-20 years, we'll have a manned mission to Mars, subliminal learning will be common, global electric currency will be the norm (bills and coins will be obsolete), electronic lasers will be used to perform surgery, mechanical and electrical engineering will be employed to reproduce every body part, holographic TV and conferencing will be widely available, and computers will be linked to biological senses enabling cures for such diseases as Alzheimer's, he predicted.

News segment guests: Neil Slade, David Wilcock


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