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2014 Predictions Show

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In our New Year's Day tradition, four prognosticators, in separate hours, shared their predictions and insights for the new year ahead, and beyond. In order of appearance: psychic Joe Jacobs, consultant George Ure, numerologist Glynis McCants, and prophecy expert John Hogue. Jacobs, who uses a card system to help him tap into the "Akashic Records," said 2014 will be a tough year weather-wise for the US, especially in the months of February, September, and November. In fact, the mid-term elections in November could be affected by serious weather conditions, he noted. There could also be problems with the economy or the stock market from March 22nd through May 13th, possibly due to issues related to the debt limit, he added.

Ure, who uses a variety of approaches (including web bots, astrology, and language analytics) to forecast trends and predictions, said that the "rose could lose its bloom" for social media in 2014. More disclosures about NSA surveillance are coming, unemployment will bottom in 2014, and a global war will happen from 2020 to 2022, he continued. He sees the Dow reaching a high of 17,250 before it eventually falls all the way down to 3,000 over a 2-3 year period.

2014 is a "7" year, McCants announced, which is about a test of faith or spirituality, and also deals with introspection and nature. Accordingly, this year it's particularly important to be aware of Mother Nature, and have an emergency preparation kit on hand, she suggested. You can determine your personal year cycle by adding your birth month & day and reduce to one digit, then adding "7," the world number. For example George's birthday is 6/4-- 6 + 4 = 10, 1 + 7 = 8, so his personal year cycle in 2014 is "8," she explained. Here is her rundown of the personal year cycles this year: 1-- it's your turn to be in the driver's seat, 2-- emotions and love, trusting instinct, 3-- communications and finding sense of humor, 4-- education, 5-- moving quickly, never a dull moment, 6-- family, marriage, 7-- faith and asking questions, 8-- financial opportunities, check your physical health.

Hogue stated that 2014 is part two of an important 18-month period which started in May of 2013, and ends in December 2014. We can no longer postpone fixing systemic flaws in our society, economy, and planetary climate, he remarked. In the next four years, he foresees the collapse of centralized power grids-- we'll have new energy systems that are like little boxes in our houses that provide their own power grids. Centralized banking will also collapse, and multiple systems of barter like the Bitcoin will ascend during this same time period, Hogue predicted. There is a danger of Israel attacking Iran to prevent a holocaust (possibly during the April-May 2014 period), but this could actually backfire and cause a holocaust instead, he warned.

News segment guests: Christian Wilde, Peter Davenport

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