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Open Lines

Date Friday - August 30, 2013
Host George Noory
Guests Open LinesRoy Condrey

George Noory hosted a night of Open Lines. Trevor in Saskatoon, Canada, phoned in to apologize to everyone on the planet for having spent the last several years adjusting the weather to his liking. Trevor explained that he works outside and does not like getting wet, so he has mastered a mind technique called 'cloud bursting' to modify the meteorological conditions. He also blamed himself for altering the jet stream. George asked him to use is weather changing abilities to send rain showers to Yosemite to put out the forest fires there.

Chris from Nashville, Tennessee, reported seeing what he believes was a chupacabra roaming a suburban neighborhood surrounding the city. Chris said he and his wife encountered the animal standing in the middle of the street before it darted to the side of the road and escaped under a fence. "It was the strangest looking think I've ever seen... it looked like it was part cat, part dog and part lizard," he recalled. Chris described the bizarre creature as hairless and gray with a pointy face, long tail and big ears. It was very fast and definitely not a dog with mange, he noted.

Louis in Yuma, Arizona, shared his theory about who may have assisted in the construction of the ancient pyramids in Egypt. According to Louis, the only other large ancient stone structures in Africa are located in the country of Ethiopia. The stones could have also originated from Israel, he suggested, noting similarities in the giant stones that make up the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. Louis thinks the stones were moved using a technology that has since been lost to the ages.

Daniel from Haysville, Kansas, told George about a house his parents purchased in which a number of things were inexplicably left behind by the previous owner, including an oak vanity with a gold-plated mirror. Daniel said he took the vanity home and placed it in his bedroom. Sometime later, he recalled hearing his wife scream and running into the bedroom to find an old lady sitting in the mirror and crying. Daniel admitted the sight scared him to death so he smashed the mirror with a boot. He later discovered the previous owner had left his wife and she had committed suicide.

Has Someone Died in Your House?

In the first hour, Roy Condrey talked about his website, DiedinHouse.com, which searches millions of records to determine if a death has occurred in a particular home. Condrey said he got the idea for the website after a tenant in one of his rental properties told him it was haunted. There are only three states, California, Alaska and South Dakota, with strong laws regarding death disclosure in real estate transactions, he revealed. According to Condrey, a death in a house can reduce the value of a property by as much as 15 to 25 percent.

News segment guests: Charles R. Smith / Peter Davenport


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