Fukushima, Cow Mutilations, & ET Insights

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Fukushima, Cow Mutilations, & ET Insights

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Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed how the Fukushima nuclear crisis has escalated to the worst level since the massive earthquake, an animal mutilation case where a rancher found a cow's head stuck straight down into a small hole as if dropped from above, and an ET encounter which revealed insights into humanity's creation and an alien war over the fate of the human race.

In her first report, she spoke with David Lochbaum, director of the Nuclear Safety Project, regarding the latest developments at Fukushima, where it was recently revealed that at least 80,000 gallons of radioactive water from the site has been spilled into the ocean. According to Lochbaum, this water is so contaminated that readings taken near the water showed that someone standing 2 feet away would receive "5 years worth of radiation in just one hour." He was bewildered as to how the water tanks at Fukushima could have leaked so much water without being noticed by regulators at the site and lamented the ongoing policy of downplaying the disaster rather than being honest about its implications. While Fukushima seems to have faded from public consciousness in the last two years, Lochbaum warned that the effects of the disaster will be felt in Japan, and around the world, for decades. Further info.

Linda then detailed a spate of cattle mutilations which have occurred on the property of Nebraska rancher Alex Peterson. He recounted how, over a series of a few days, two of his cows were found dead with various strange incisions and organs missing. A third cow, he said, was alive but seemed to be injured. Peterson had the animal put down and tested it for a variety of toxins, but the findings came back completely normal. After a quiet period at the ranch, Peterson came upon yet another of mutilated cow, which was found under even stranger circumstances. The animal was discovered with its head stuck in a small hole in the ground and, after pulling the cow out, Peterson saw intact spider webs in the hole. The undisturbed spider webs, the lack of dirt in the cow's mouth or nose, and the angle of the body led him to surmise that the animal had to have been dead and then dropped to the ground.

Finally, Linda shared a two-part report about an ET encounter that a man using the pseudonym 'Tyler Jones' claimed to have had in November 2012. Tyler said that he was abducted by a tall, blonde entity which looked similar to a human but was 7 feet tall and had glowing skin. During the abduction, the entity imparted telepathic images to him which seemed to tell a story about the origins of the human race. According to Tyler, he was shown a meeting amongst these blonde ETs where they debated coming to a then-uninhabited Earth. Next he saw them terraforming the planet, working with grey aliens to build the monuments of Egypt, and creating human beings. Ultimately, Tyler was 'told' that a rogue faction of blonde ETs wanted to destroy humans and had enlisted the greys as well as reptilian aliens to do battle with our progenitors in a war that is still ongoing today. More here and here.

Understanding & Improving Luck

In the first hour, author Tony Davidson (book link) talked about understanding luck and how to improve it. He described luck as a "force of nature" and noted that each person has their own personal definition of what it means for them. Additionally, he observed that time plays a hand in interpreting luck, since "what I may have viewed as lucky 30 years ago is not necessarily what I view as lucky today." In order to improve luck, he advised having a "diversified luck portfolio" where one enjoys activities in the short term, like games and sports, while also focusing on long term aspects of their life such as relationships and career. "The key is to keep a balance," he said, "so if its not working in one area you can use something else and you have a broad view of where luck is in your life."

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