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In the first half of the program, journalist and paranormal researcher Susan Masino talked about her work writing about Australian rock band AC/DC as well as such topics as synchronicity, universal laws, ghost encounters and her son's incredible past life experience. According to Masino, after accidentally viewing the tragic conclusion of James Cameron's Titanic at four years old, her son began drawing and painting pictures of the doomed British passenger liner. He produced more than a hundred pictures over the course of the next two years, she said. Masino revealed how her family was startled to discover how well he knew the layout of the ship, noting his use of nautical terms like port and starboard and her belief that he may have helped build the ship in a past life. She recalled the night of her son's 'death dream' when he screamed out in a masculine non-childlike voice, "She's going down!"

Masino claimed to have had her own paranormal experience related to the Titanic involving what appeared to be an apparition of a former passenger from the ill-fated voyage. She described the concept of synchronicity as getting into the flow of the universe and the importance of recognizing once you have become part of that flow. She referred to universal laws as 'God laws,' identifying them as something not invented by humanity. One such law involves attracting like energies—the law of attraction. She compared the human soul to a radio signal of a particular energy which matches up to the same type of vibration. "You have to watch what you say and how you think because it is all attached to you," she warned.

Masino also recounted the day she met members of AC/DC during their first tour of America. "They were broke... the band was literally driving around in a station wagon," she said, noting the small crowd of 75 that gathered to hear them play that first time. "The hair on my arms stood straight up... I knew they were going to be huge," she recalled. Masino has remained in contact with them ever since, watching the band climb to international stardom and rack up an astounding 200 million in album sales worldwide.


During Open Lines, George offered a special topic line for callers to share their most incredible moments. Tuesday from Long Beach, California, detailed her experience capturing an EVP of deceased paranormal researcher Peter James. "You can hear Peter in the EVP saying, 'hello, hello'," she said, noting the picture of Peter that hung on the wall in the area where the ghostly recording was made. David, a Boy Scout leader in Wisconsin, told George about a troop he created for mentally-disabled kids. He proudly announced that two boys from this special troop are now Eagle Scouts, pointing out that only six Scouts with mental disabilities have ever attained the BSA's highest rank.

Anthony from Bay Head, New Jersey, recounted a riveting ghost experience he had at the pharmacy where he works. According to Anthony, after locking up for the evening he had to re-enter the store to fetch some papers he had forgotten. He recalled walking down a long dark corridor to the office where he saw a full manifestation of a ghost that "looked just like a regular person." It was there for only a few seconds and then disappeared, he explained. Anthony said a fellow employee confirmed his encounter with her own sighting, which they think was of a former customer who passed away exactly one year prior to that night.

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