Susan Masino

Susan Masino


Susan Masino has been a rock journalist for over thirty years, and has written five books. She has appeared in projects with well known rock bands Van Halen and AC/DC. Susan has been interested in the paranormal since age 5. Her 5th book, "Secrets of the Universe" dives into her lifelong passion of the spiritual and paranormal side of life.



Past Shows:

  • Secret Door XIV

    In this Secret Door special, George Noory interviewed a different guest each hour and tried to guess their identities. First through the door was rock journalist  Susan Masino. Followed by author Bill Forstchen, afterlife expert Richard Martini, and intuitive Susanne Wilson.More »
  • Queen / Open Lines

    Susan Masino revealed details about the legendary rock band Queen, and their flamboyant lead singer Freddie Mercury. Followed by Open Lines.More »
  • Remote Viewing Anomalies / Buddy Holly Curse

    Paul H. Smith discussed remote viewing anomalous targets and UFOs. Followed by Susan Masino on the Buddy Holly plane crash, and a possible curse.More »
  • NDEs & Paranormal Investigations

    Dawn Clark discussed NDEs and travels to a stargate. Followed by Susan Masino on paranormal investigations and reincarnation.More »
  • Tracking Technology/ AC/DC

    In the first half of the program, consumer privacy expert Katherine Albrecht shared updates on tracking technology such as the RFID chip. In the latter half, author, rock journalist, and paranormal researcher, Susan Masino, discussed the ups, downs, and fantastic stories of...More »
  • Paranormal Topics / Open Lines

    In the first half of the program, journalist and paranormal researcher Susan Masino talked about such topics as her son's past life experience, synchronicity, universal laws and ghost encounters, as well as her work writing about Australian rock band AC/DC. Open Lines followed.More »

Last Night

Mysteries of the Pyramids / Crystals & Stones
Mysteries of the Pyramids / Crystals & Stones
Anthropologist Mark A. Carpenter discussed his research on the Pyramids, uncovering corruption, secret cults, and prophecies. Followed by Robert Simmons on the spiritual qualities of minerals, crystals, and gemstones.


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