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Detonations on Mars/ Past Lives & UFOs

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John Brandenburg, PhD is a plasma physicist, who did his graduate work at Lawrence Livermore National Lab in controlled plasmas for fusion power, and has worked in defense, energy, and space research. In the first half, he discussed data he presented at the prestigious Lunar and Planetary Science Conference on evidence for nuclear detonations on Mars. "There is evidence of two massive nuclear explosions on Mars that occurred above the Martian surface-- they were airbursts" turning large areas of the planet's surface into glass, and leaving radioactive by-products that are still visible, he reported.

The explosions, which he estimated took place around 500 million years ago, were so powerful they sent shockwaves all around the planet, though the detonations were centered in two areas (view graphic) in which there is evidence of ancient archaeology-- one of them being Cydonia, where the Face on Mars is located. Brandenburg believes it was a deliberate attack, using bombs as large as the Empire State Building, so it was optimal to drop them from space rather than launching on the ground. It is imperative that the United States send teams to investigate the sites, "because our own survival may depend on what we find on Mars," he declared.


In the latter half, Kevin D. Randle, a retired US Army lieutenant colonel who has a master's degree and Ph.D. in psychology and a second master's degree in military science, spoke about his involvement in what began as an investigation into a woman's alien abduction, but evolved into her past life regression, in which she learned she'd had a string of lives as a serial killer. Randle said he generally doesn't deal with alien abduction cases, as they tend to be a combination of research and therapy, and these two aspects can conflict with each other. However, in the case of Jenny, a woman who was troubled by nightmares associated with alien abductions, he enlisted a hypnotherapist to work with them, and seek out answers.

During the hypnosis, she described her death, and in subsequent sessions began to reveal her lives as a male in the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries who perpetrated horrific crimes. Jenny was a kind and shy woman, so it was quite a shock to find out that she was a collaborator with Jack the Ripper on his heinous murders, Randle remarked. She went on to describe the life of a man named "Frank," who seemed to be the killer in the Black Dahlia case of the 1940s. It was as though she was a malevolent entity that lived through the ages and returned periodically to commit horrendous crimes. While the detailed information Jenny presented was available on the Internet and elsewhere, Randle concluded she had little reason to fabricate the past lives. He also spoke about remarkable past UFO incidents, including a wave of activity in October 1973 that included sightings of UFO occupants and abductions, and the Levelland, Texas case in 1957, in which independent multiple witnesses reported the same anomalies, including a landing trace, stalled car engines, and lights fading out.

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According to the research of John Brandenburg, guest on the 7/27/15 show, there is evidence of massive nuclear explosions in Mars' distant past. This graphic shows the areas where he believes they occurred. For more, see Brandenburg's full paper, as well as this viewgraph presentation.

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