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Date Host George Noory
Guests George Ure, David Weatherly

In the first half, business consultant and financial writer George Ure updated his accurate predictions, his analysis of the economy, and social trends unfolding this year, as well as his adventures in pre-cognitive dreaming. When the Fed moves the interest rate up again, we'll likely see a peak in the stock market that could coincide with the election, and this may favor the Democrats as stocks will be at an all time high, he noted. Yet, as we get into 2017 and later, he foresees a down slide of the market, as various adverse economic effects begin to pile up. The cost of immigration, robotics displacing jobs, and the struggle of pension funds are some of the factors he cited.

Ure argued that the US could have slipped into a second Great Depression in the 2001-2003 period, but the post 9-11 climate actually boosted the economy through the jobs and technology growth that stemmed from the "security state," as well as subsequent wars. He spoke about his involvement with the National Dream Center project and shared some of his recent dreams that demonstrated precognition such as one about a bus accident in Melbourne, Australia. Interestingly Ure believes that the body position/direction that one sleeps in may affect the geographical presentation of dream content.


In the latter half, paranormal researcher David Weatherly reported on the recent mass 'demonic possession' incident in Peru, and shared updates on people's strange encounters with the Black-Eyed Children. 80 schoolchildren were afflicted at a school in Tarapoto, Peru with seizures and fainting, and some of them reported visions of being stalked by an eerie bearded man in black who wanted to strangle them. While some chalked the incident up to a kind of mass hysteria, Weatherly pointed out that there were children in completely separate classrooms who suddenly started experiencing these symptoms at the same time, and doctors were at a loss to understand what was happening.

Earlier, in the month of April, there was a similar incident at a school in Malaysia that affected both students and teachers, as well as at an elementary school in Saudi Arabia. In Islamic cultures, such incidents are often thought to be caused by the Djinn, ancient dark spirits. Weatherly detailed several cases of Black-Eyed children encounters-- the children's eyes are solid black with no white in their pupils, and they typically request, in a strange monotone voice, to be let inside or given something. There's been an evolution in how these encounters play out, with new variations emerging, as though it's part of an experiment, he observed.

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