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Spirits & Audio From Beyond

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Paranormal investigator Steve Huff (related links: YouTube / Facebook) joined Connie Willis (email) for a 4-hour discussion on spirits and the afterlife. He also shared sound samples from beyond. "We can truly talk to spirits," he said. Huff described how he communicates with ghosts and spirits using the latest technology, including a device called the Wonder Box, a reverse audio app, and hacked radios. Snipping a wire in some AM/FM radios allows for scanning frequencies without muting, he explained, noting how plugging into a reverb effect makes the voices more distinct.

"There so much evidence out there from so many, myself included, that prove there's something talking back to us," Huff continued, noting the communication is often conversational. As an example, Connie played a clip in which Huff asks a spirit about its location and receives the reply, "Inferior," which he thinks is another way of expressing Hell. Connie played an audio sample which seems to show spirits communicate in real time. According to Huff, this clip was captured at 3:00 AM, after he awoke and started working on the Wonder Box, and a voice is heard clearly telling him to, " Go to bed now."

A rather creepy message, "Slowly our sleeping" will possess you," was received using the Wonder Box with a free reverse speech Android app called Divination Box. Huff pointed out the significance of hearing clearly recognized speech via an app that processes only reverse human speech. Another clip revealed, "Huff's been chosen" and another, "You'll be ready... I will meet God." Many spirits ask for help crossing over and finding the light, Huff reported. He spoke about a documentary he made with H.O.P.E Paranormal which records validation of a spirit crossing over. Huff also wondered if some of his health issues are related to working with spirits, and called for more research in the field.

The audio clips played during the broadcast can be heard by visiting this page.

The previously scheduled appearance by Bishop James Long will be rescheduled for a future date.

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