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Live Remote Viewing Experiment

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Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) uses a specific methodology for a person to access the reservoir of their own intuition. According to CRV expert Lori Williams, all knowledge is available to the subconscious mind and CRV can open a door to it. Williams, who has an 86% accuracy rate in the Professional Controlled Remote Viewer’s Association database, joined guest host Connie Willis (email) to share the results of her remote viewing of three specific unknown targets chosen before the show.

Target 1 - Bigfoot

During the CRV frontloading process Williams revealed she knew almost immediately it was Bigfoot after viewing something tall and hairy with large teeth, and where it was located. "I'm seeing something green and brushy and thick and humid, like underbrush, and swamp-like crunching sounds," she said, noting a gamey smell and what appeared to be a dark cave atmosphere. According to Williams, Sasquatch move back and forth through time-space portals to find places suitable for their plant-based diets, and as a kind of defense mechanism to survive hostile environments. They are intelligent, have existed for millions of years, and share harmonic frequencies with their loved ones so they can always find them in time and space, she explained.

Target 2 - Pineal Gland

After several pages of notes the target was determined to be an aspect of human biology, Williams reported, describing it as something starving, grey and wrinkled, two-sided, essential, and universal. "I feel like whatever this is it has this way of reaching across the vastness of space," she suggested, adding how she eventually ascertained it was the pineal gland. Looking further, Williams was able to learn how the pineal gland functioned as an antenna to communicate below regular awareness. "This is really coming from Ancient Ones from whom humanity was seeded... [it] is a tether so that they can communicate subconsciously with humanity, and humanity can access higher self and learn while sleeping and meditating," she disclosed.

Target 3 - Mount Shasta

Williams admitted straightaway she was unable to determine this target. Interestingly, she described inclined mountainous terrain, then what was beneath it. "I heard clinking sounds, I was picking up white, shiny, tunneled... and I was getting like a hallway, a big, long, square hallway," she recounted. According to Williams, under the surface of the mountain is a top-secret facility populated with select scientists working on mysterious, perhaps even sinister, research. She described the subject of their experimentation as non-human, helpless, alone, and sad. Williams also indicated some research may have to do with climate, and there are man-made vessels coming and going from the mountain.


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Controlled Remote Viewing expert Lori Williams joined guest host Connie Willis on the 5/20/17 show to share the results of her remote viewing of three specific unknown targets. Check out her remote viewing summaries for each target:

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