Secret UFO Revelations / Opening the Blue Book Files

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Secret UFO Revelations / Opening the Blue Book Files

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The existence of UFOs using technology more advanced than anything on Earth has been proved "beyond reasonable doubt," according to Luis Elizondo, the former head of a secret US government program that studied UFOs. Elizondo, who quit as head of the program is now part of Tom DeLonge's 'To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences' (TTSASS) team. He joined George Knapp in the first half to discuss the secret program, unidentified crafts that the program investigated, and why he thinks we may not be alone. After an early military career in Army Intelligence, Elizondo was assigned to a position in the Pentagon where he was surprised to learn that he was chosen to study the UFO issue. His immediate supervisors had no knowledge of this part of his duties because of the compartmentalized nature of the project, meaning only those directly involved in the program had a "need to know." After his initial shock, Elizondo realized that it was "definitely a profound topic to be exploring."

Elizondo said the Defense Department was concerned with anything that was not readily identified by witnesses, radar, or other sensing technology. The famous USS Nimitz UFO event and video footage was just one example, he said, and added that "there were other events that occurred like the Nimitz, and not in the distant past." Elizondo also mentioned that reports from military witnesses included physical effects such as feelings of nausea or "a weird loss of time perception." He also confirmed that military hardware has been affected or disabled during UFO encounters. He discussed the controversial "alloy" or "meta material" in the possession of Robert Bigelow’s company and said that it shows unusual properties when tested and contains "isotopic ratios that are very unique." As for the UAPs themselves, Elizondo has not made up his mind as to whether they are "from outer space, inner space, or the space in between."


Part two guest John Greenewald began by expressing a skeptically cautious opinion about the TTSAAS revelations before describing how he has received an incredible cache of never-before-seen documents from the Air Force’s Project Blue Book program. Former Project officer Lt. Carmon Marano preserved much of the amazing UFO history of the project and shared it with researcher Rob Mercer, who digitized the collection of photos and documents, and allowed Greenewald’s Black Vault to host it for the world to see. By a stroke of luck, Mercer saw an ad on Craigslist for a box of the documents and found that Murano was the former owner of the property. Murano provided the rest of his vast files to Mercer. While the files contain no "smoking gun" revelations, Greenewald said that the documents reinforce the position that more than anything else, the Air Force program was a public relations operation and a "campaign for the media to report to the masses.”

Greenewald described a strange episode of a coverup which involved journalist Lee Spiegel and his efforts to confirm an online manual used by the Air Force for researching UFO reports. Within 48 hours of his inquiry, the document disappeared and the Air Force denied that it had ever existed. Greenewald also described his request for any UFO reports in the files of the North American Air Defense Command (NORAD.) He was told that they did not have the authority to release this information because the organization also included Canadian forces. He called the Canadian Department of National Defence, who quickly released "about 100 pages" of NORAD UFO sighting reports. In his over 8000 FOIA requests, Greenewald has also come across the distressing news that many records have simply been destroyed, such as surprisingly, the FBI files on many of the alleged members of the infamous MJ-12 group.

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