Elongated Skulls Mystery/ Spiritual Bridges

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Elongated Skulls Mystery/ Spiritual Bridges

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In the first half, author and researcher L.A. Marzulli discussed the mysterious elongated skulls of Paracas, Peru. Anthropologist Rick Woodward and others found the heads had structural oddities that seemed to suggest genetic differences from normal humans, and Marzulli recently held a press conference in Los Angeles to announce their testing results (view related images/video). Though some suggest the skulls are merely the result of intentional cranial modification, Marzulli and some of his co-researchers such as medical doctor Dr. Michael Alday believe they may represent a new subspecies of humans.

"Based on my limited testing, " said Marzulli, "I would say some of them may have 25% to 30% larger cranial capacity than a normal human skull." If he had to guess, "I'd say we were looking at the remnants of the Nephilim," the fallen angels described in the Bible, who he considers to be "nefarious interdimensional entities." The theory is that these beings fled the Middle East around 3,500 years ago, arriving in the New World much earlier than Columbus and other explorers, he continued, adding that Josephus described the Nephilim as having countenances so different than regular folk that they were terrifying to look at.


Psychic medium, spiritual teacher, and author, John Holland has a technique for raising his vibrational energy to link with the Other Side and deliver messages. He spoke about his decades of personal experiences with spirit including inspirational stories and how mediumship is not just about connecting to the spirit world; it’s just as much about helping and healing the living. There are spiritual bridges that can be built to connect to loved ones who have passed, says Holland. When someone passes over, they are met by their loved ones who ease the transition, he explained, adding that before they die, they often start having conversations with people that are already deceased.

He outlined different ways in which the spirit world interacts with us. With After Death Communication (ADC), the departed leave signs for their loved ones such as appearing in a dream in the form of their younger self. Electricity and technology, because they are related to energy, can be manipulated by spirits to send signs, he said, citing blinking lights, TVs suddenly turning off, and mysterious phone static calls from the deceased's old number. Shared deathbed visions, he noted, are curious occurrences where people such as nurses and doctors are present when a patient crosses over, and actually witness a kind of dimensional shift in the room.

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