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Postures of Power/ Science & the Supernatural

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The Egyptian Postures of Power are an ancient system of energy healing techniques that were used by the ancient Egyptians. Just like Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga, the Egyptian system utilizes the sacred movements, postures and geometry of the body to go in harmonic resonance with different universal energies. Jason Quitt, lifelong experiencer who has interacted with multidimensional worlds, joined Jimmy Church (email) in the first half to share how he utilizes these energies for wellness, enlightenment, and personal growth. Quitt recently fell down a set of stairs and broke his back in several places. He described the self-healing and visualization techniques that had him out of bed within two days of having titanium screws and rods placed in his spine, and within a few more days, leaving the hospital. Quitt said that he "had to focus internally and go within," imagining that he was filling his body with an energy which he directed "to the area that needs the healing."

Quitt described some of his healing methods, which he said can sometimes be "a very painful process" but that it is "a human experience that we all have, it’s just been suppressed for thousands of years" and can be awakened in our DNA through training. The guest also described his method of time travel, which he says he has achieved through astral journeys. He says it began with beings who would take him out of his body, and eventually progressed to the stage where he could achieve this feat himself, and would be "taken to different places and experience different things."


In the second half, author and publisher Brad Olsen discussed the merging of science, Silicon Valley and hi-tech with the world of the supernatural and implications for advances in technology. Olsen started on a cautionary note, saying that he is disturbed by some of the newest trends in the computing industry, such as advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning that has us "trolled by AI bots" on the internet. He also mentioned that Google has changed its motto from the original "Don’t be evil" to "Do the right thing," and suggested that the "right thing" might not necessarily be good. He marveled that reality is beginning to surpass science fiction and that there is not enough debate about the implications.

Many Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are interested in immortality, Olsen says, and have been looking into how to upload their consciousness into computers or other devices. He also mentioned the Large Hadron Collider at CERN and the rumors that it is being used to research travel between times and dimensions like a "stargate," and the strange fact that the U.S. military secured the Antiquities Museum in Baghdad during the first Gulf War because it might have held a similar portal, built hundreds or thousands of years ago. In the end, Olsen warned that he sees two distinct timelines for our future: One where we harness these new technologies for the benefit of all and enter a "golden age," and another where the world ends in a WWIII-type scenario. He concluded that, at present, we "are traveling right on the edge of a razor here."

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