Economic Revelations/ Concepts of God

Economic Revelations/ Concepts of God


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsCatherine Austin Fitts, Michael Gellert

In the first half, investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts discussed the state of our economy and evidence that $21 trillion is missing from the US government. Fitts has recently unveiled a new website presenting all the documentation related to the missing funds specifically from HUD and the DOD, which she refers to as undocumented adjustments to balance the books. For the last 20 years, she cited, "the federal government has violated....constitution and federal finance laws related to its reporting." We need to enforce the constitution, she declared, and hold the government accountable for these unlawful acts.

Conferring with researcher Richard Dolan, Fitts speculated that the missing money, as well as funds siphoned from the bailout, might have been used to finance black budget projects, a theorized secret space program or a "breakaway civilization," as well as run a global government in the future. Government, she added, has served to centralize wealth by using lawlessness and criminal mechanisms to engineer a financial coup d'etat.


In the latter half, Jungian psychoanalyst with a background in Judaism and Zen Buddhism, Michael Gellert, spoke about the history of God concepts in various religious traditions and how they sync up with human consciousness and psychology. Most religions, he noted, are trying to fathom the "divine mind" and make it available to us as individuals. As these religions develop over millennia and explore the more mystical side, "they teach us that the divine mind is something we find in our selves" or our psyche, "and we can contact it by going inwards," he detailed.

A tenet of Jungian psychology is that the search for spiritual meaning is one of the primary forces in our lives, particularly in adulthood, he explained. He also pointed out that it's impossible to tell God apart from the psyche that perceives him, and that is why God can appear so different from tradition to tradition. In Buddhism, for instance, God is not thought of as an external being, but they do believe in a higher reality. "I think that the image [or likeness] of God that we're created in is his consciousness," Gellert added, "There, we are not limited by one physical form or another...Consciousness may pervade the entire universe for all we know."

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Dr. John Curtis



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