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Geoengineering & Toxins/ Multi-Dimensional Knowledge

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Matthew Landman holds an MBA and was entrenched in the financial world when he took a break to work on an organic farm where he became aware of geoengineering and related issues. Working outdoors in Northern California, he witnessed weather engineering as the region suffered from a historic drought. In the first half, he discussed the problem of 'chemtrails' in the skies, and the toxins falling to earth. When he originally started work on his documentary Frankenskies, he sought to bring attention to the little-known issue but was surprised to discover that mainstream media was launching the topic of geoengineering as a legitimate scientific solution to global warming, though the public had never consented to this experimentation.

In programs such as the Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx), to be held soon near Tucson, and NASA's Charged Aerosol Release Experiments (CARE), the goal is to block out our sky to reduce temperatures, Landman cited. The idea that carbon is heating up the planet is a fallacy, he said, adding that the nanoparticulate aluminum from geoengineering causes the ecosystem to go haywire, and contributes to human ailments such as Alzheimer's when it permeates the atmosphere and ground. The 3rd Annual Global Summit to Stop Geoengineering will take place on May 12th in Tucson, with Landman as one of the featured presenters.


In the latter half, engineer, entrepreneur and futurist, James Gordon Graham, talked about his journeys around the world developing multidimensional intelligence, which he believes can enhance both our spiritual and scientific sides. He learned a technique to actually view a person's soul, which appears to him like a liquid mirror or liquid mercury made out of light. An associate of his invented a device that combines Kirlian photography with Tesla technology that can depict the users' consciousness as well as the healing process. The associate took it to a graveyard to photograph a mausoleum, Graham recounted, and it reproduced a pyramid structure that was no longer there but had been at the location 100 years earlier.

He outlined his view of the 'Elite' and how they use hidden knowledge to control the population and start wars. The understanding of the physics of black holes will lead to a breakthrough for all sorts of technologies, such as free energy devices, but we need to evolve emotionally first so these kinds of advances aren't used for war efforts, Graham remarked. He also spoke about different types of dimensional entities, some harmful, some beneficial. If the harmful ones try to interact with you, you can dispel them with your mind-- this is your power as a sovereign being, he noted.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Steve Kates

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