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Alternative Health/ Trauma Recovery

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In the first half, registered pharmacist, and nutritionist Ben Fuchs shared alternative health concepts, and offered tips on supplements and healthy changes to one's diet and lifestyle. As people get older, they should think of themselves like "bodybuilders," he noted, doing resistance training with weights, yoga, or exercise bands. When you're done with your workout, that's the best time to take your nutritional supplements, he added. As an inexpensive treatment for acid reflex or GERD, he suggested taking a teaspoon of baking soda (mixed in water) a couple of hours after a meal-- it also helps to observe which foods seem to disagree with your system, and eliminate them.

Digestive enzymes have some added benefits beyond food absorption, Fuchs reported. They assist in strengthening and supporting the immune system, have anti-inflammatory properties and can break down clots or clogs. It's best to take the enzymes on an empty stomach along with apple cider vinegar, he continued, adding that the vinegar is also helpful for weight loss, diabetes, and blood sugar.


In the latter half, author and psychotherapist Dr. Laurie Nadel talked about how she helped people recover after they were traumatized by such events as the 9-11 attacks, and Hurricane Sandy. In the face of catastrophic events, which seem all the more commonplace in recent years (Nadel herself lost her home in Hurricane Sandy), she developed a set of "five gifts" or principles that are like an emergency "Go-Kit" for the mind. Among the gifts she cited is humility-- instead of asking "why me?" when disaster strikes, one realizes, "why not me?"- it had to happen to someone.

Another gift is patience, which helps release people from the frustration of wanting the situation to be over, so they can cope with their current demands. She also cited the importance of empathy-- people are actually enriched when they help other individuals. Other gifts include forgiveness, though that can sometimes be difficult, and growth- the process of renewal. After a violent event, Nadel said it can take some 3-5 years to realize one's growth and the strengthening of their identity. Interestingly, catastrophic times can heighten a person's sixth sense, she added, and it can be valuable to pay attention to one's inner voices, impressions, and dreams as a survival tool.

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