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Search for Life on Mars/ Psychic Insights

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In the first half of the show, Astronomy Professor David Weintraub talked about the search for life on Mars, future missions to the Red Planet, and the possibility of life elsewhere in our solar system and beyond. One of the first discoveries about Mars was that the planet has an approximately 24-hour rotation just like Earth and early in its history we're reasonably certain the planet had quite a bit of water, he cited. "We see in the ancient parts of Mars features on the surface that look like river valleys," he continued, as well as giant outflow channels where there were probably tremendous amounts of water in underground reservoirs. These ancient areas of Mars have been unchanged for the last three billion years, he added.

Mars lacks an ozone layer and may have lost a lot of its water because of exposure to ultraviolet light, he explained. Currently, the only manned trip to the surface of Mars by NASA or SpaceX would be a one-way journey, though there are people that have volunteered for such a mission. The moon Europa is a fascinating place which is heated by the tides of Jupiter and has a warm ocean of liquid water, along with all the basic building blocks of life, Weintraub enthused. He also addressed his study of religions reacting to the discovery of life beyond Earth and found that all but the most orthodox branches would be accepting of such a revelation.


In the latter half, psychic Joseph Jacobs discussed significant events that have happened so far for 2018 and shared his predictions for the balance of the year. Regarding the stock market, he foresees a difficult time between July 8th and August 29th, but that will be followed by an upturn until October 19th, especially in tech and construction. However, the market will enter another rough patch from October 20th to December 10th, possibly related to a legal issue, he said. Looking at North Korea, he sees heavy losses or weather problems between October 4th and November 25th.

In the United States, he envisions worry and uncertainty over the elections between October 17th and December 6th, and "multiple October surprises"; Israel will have legal issues during that same window. The month of December will bring weather and health/flu problems to America as well, he noted. "I do see a Russian tech attack [against the US] between October 21st and December 2nd," as well as the beginnings of a possible recession, Jacobs suggested. Between September 29th and November 9th, Melania Trump may file for a divorce, he added.

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