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Biblical Echoes/ Megalith Mysteries

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In the first half, historian and expert in ancient mysteries, Jonathan Cahn, discussed how current events are tying in with Biblical prophecy, especially occurrences in the Middle East such as the U.S. Embassy relocation to Jerusalem. Cahn featured five audio clips from such people as Presidents Clinton, Obama, and Trump which he believes lend evidence to the idea that these leaders are reenacting an ancient prophetic blueprint. He likened Trump to the ancient warrior King Jehu in Israel, who ousted King Ahab and Queen Jezebel (whom he said Hillary Clinton echoed) after they fell away from the Judaic God.

The recognition by Trump of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is a first since ancient times, he cited, and it prophetically links to the Jubilee of the Shemitah cycle, restoring something that was lost. Cahn also connected Donald Trump prophetically to the ancient King Cyrus of Persia.


In the latter half, authors and experts on megalithic monuments Hugh Newman and Robin Heath talked about how these structures from around the world share specific themes, properties, and astronomical sophistication. It's quite a remarkable feat how the rocks at Stonehenge were quarried and moved some 160 miles from Wales, Newman noted, leading some to speculate that giants brought them over, or magicians like Merlin were involved. Heath cited how a lot of Pythagorean triangles were used in various stone circles, and if you analyze these shapes, you find that the numerical formulas represent astronomical constants of the sun and the Moon. What they were up to is a missing legacy, he added.

Newman reported on some of the surprising locations stone circles have been found such as an astronomically-aligned site built by pre-Inca people in Sillustani, Peru, and a location in Brazil at the entrance of Amazon that aligns with the Solstice like Stonehenge. There are also megalithic circles in New England, throughout Europe, as well as examples in Japan, Australia, and Africa. "The more you look," said Newman, "the more you realize there was common influence." Some traditions state, he continued, that the monuments were healing sites, as well as energy centers or points of power.

Paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren appeared briefly at the top of the third hour to report on his experiments with time anomalies. He found a spot in Southern Nevada where time actually seemed to slow down for 20 microseconds.

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