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Nephilim War/ Open Lines

Date Friday - March 16, 2018
Host Richard Syrett
Guests Ryan Pitterson

Ryan Pitterson is a biblical researcher who has written a comprehensive study of the Nephilim: half-human, half-angelic beings, who were said to be superhuman giants. Pitterson joined Richard Syrett to discuss the war between human and Nephilim bloodlines, exploring incompletely understood Biblical passages about "giants" and why he believes these angelic beings were 100% real. Pitterson pointed out certain sections in the Bible that described the Nephilim as giants, such as the story of Goliath, who "was someone of immense, superhuman strength." He believes that the goal of this hybridization was Satan’s plan to pollute the pure human bloodline so that no human would ever be born who could challenge him.

Pitterson remarked that other ancient sources match up with the Bible’s description of superhuman beings and their abilities to father children with human women, such as Plato’s account of the saga of Atlantis. He said that the sea god Poseidon "fell in love with a human woman and impregnated her." Also, the Bible’s description of the city of Gilgal Rephaim (the ruins of which still exist in Israel) match exactly Plato’s account of the layout of Atlantis. By the time of the great flood, Pitterson says that the prophet Noah was the only genetically pure human left and that the purpose of the flood was to "reboot the entire population and save humanity." Today, he believes that the Nephilim bloodline has been eliminated, although accounts exist from ancient Roman historians of giant skeletons on public exhibition.


Richard started off Open Lines in the latter half with a personal story about a possible phone call from his deceased friend R. Gary Patterson. William in Washington State thought that some of the stories of giants may have come from people in Nordic countries growing "to a height of 7 feet tall and even taller" during a warm spell in ancient times. Ryan called in from Massachusetts to describe his experience with strange jet sounds from the skies that would start and stop abruptly, as well as strange, heavenly "rumbling noises" that he recently experienced. Charlotte in Michigan recalled a bright light over her house and a loud boom and later found that a meteorite had fallen to Earth some 20 miles away.

It was a night of "Ryan"s as another called from New Jersey to tell about apparent phone calls he received from his deceased father, who went MIA during the Vietnam War, and whom he never met. Every March 25th (which was his father’s birthday) for many years, he said that someone would call and say one cryptic word, "safe," before hanging up. He remembered that "it sounded like radio voice, a little distant." The calls mysteriously stopped last year. Other callers said they were deeply affected by Ryan’s story. Robin from Vermont drew parallels between the Nephilim story and passages in the famous channeled book of Urantia. He also believes that there may be "patterns of thought passed down by our ancestors that could be influencing us today" and not in a good way.

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