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Flexible Thinking/ Alien Encounters

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Leonard Mlodinow, an author with a Ph.D. in theoretical physics, talked about his new work on flexible thinking, and recalled the life of Stephen Hawking. Around 130,000 years ago there was a catastrophic event, and humans became nearly extinct. "The ones that survived," he said, "were the ones that were more exploratory...more attracted to change. Psychologists call this neophilia, love of change." As time went on, these bolder humans sought new areas to expand, and this fostered their spread around the world. This capacity, along with imagination, idea generation, and divergent approaches, Mlodinow classifies as "elastic thinking" which we see in people that explore, invent, and innovate.

The recently deceased Stephen Hawking could undoubtedly be considered an elastic thinker, said Mlodinow, with his breakthrough research into black holes at a time when few others thought it was worth investigating. The brilliant scientist was almost superhuman, he added, as he was given just two years to live at age 25 with the diagnosis of ALS but managed to live for more than 50 years after that. Beyond science, Mlodinow noted, elastic thinking is also essential in the arts, and in one's everyday life, because otherwise, you can get stuck in a rut, and not attempt to change or improve your circumstance.


In the latter half, paranormal investigator, author, and researcher, Rosemary Ellen Guiley discussed her most recent book, written with Michael Brein, compiling accounts and personal encounters with alien beings and their craft, including abductions, and missing time. First-hand eyewitness accounts are particularly compelling forms of evidence, she cited, even though they are sometimes derided by the public. Types of 'high strangeness' around the encounters include inexplicable visits from Men in Black warning the witnesses not to speak about what they saw, as well as haunting and poltergeist phenomena, and the sense of a presence that's always watching them.

She detailed one bizarre case from crop circle researcher Ron Russell, who interviewed some young people who spent the night skywatching on Silbury Hill in England, and saw little orange lights that shape-shifted into tetrahedron-shaped orange pods containing small beings the size of children sitting in the lotus position. This description, said Guiley, is typical of the 'trickster' element of cases that have very odd aspects which don't seem to make logical sense. She also recounted the terrifying abductions of a man taken by insectoid or praying mantis type aliens. He sometimes reported seeing a "sidekick" with them-- a hooded humanoid with a beetle-like face, and was told there were some 14,000 aliens living in an underground base in the US.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Peter Davenport

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