UFOs and the Paranormal

UFOs and the Paranormal


HostGeorge Knapp

GuestsStephen Mera, Barry Fitzgerald

With over 60 combined years of researching the paranormal, UFOS, and mysteries, Stephen Mera and Barry Fitzgerald are two of the most respected investigators in the UK. They joined George Knapp for the full four hours to discuss their years of ufology along with their unique approaches to investigating cases and sightings, which has made them wonder about a correlation between UFOs and the paranormal and if a conscious connection exists between the two areas. While Fitzgerald began his journey into researching strange subjects with ghosts, Mera’s started with "a [UFO] sighting when I was very young, and those have continued, strangely to this day." Fitzgerald lived in a haunted house as a child and had his first sighting of an apparition when he saw a figure in the stairway on Christmas Eve and thought he had seen Santa Claus.

Beginning with investigations in the 1980s, Mera and Fitzgerald began to notice that some of the same issues that plagued haunting victims were also present in close UFO encounters. One significant aspect the researchers have observed is that the same occurrences have been recorded for centuries - what used to be called fairy abduction is now alien abduction. Even the methods used by our ancestors to deal with apparent invasive entities still work, according to Mera and Fitzgerald, such as the use of iron to protect people and places. Fitzgerald pointed out that the old horseshoe over the door custom has "nothing to do with luck," it was a precaution used to ward off invasive entities.

Mera quoted researcher Jacques Vallee and his contention that paranormal entities seem to be "intelligent and invasive." Both researchers described how the phenomena they have investigated seems to exhibit purpose and direction. Mera said that one of the objectives of these entities seems to be what he referred to as "fear harvesting." They seem to want to evoke a reaction of deep fear in order to energize or feed off of the emotion and the physiological changes that it causes, such as increased production of the mucous membranes. George mentioned incidents on the famed Skinwalker Ranch with "blue orbs" that scared the property owners "to their knees" with fear.

Both guests discussed their investigation of magnetic and gravitational anomalies and what they believe is a direct correlation between these areas and the presence of an abundance of paranormal activity. For instance, Fitzgerald declared that areas such as Skinwalker and Sedona Arizona both sit on areas of high magnetic anomaly. The two have also developed a UFO investigator’s training course and manual that takes into account the subjective feelings of the researcher as a tool for discovery, as well as the connections between UFOs and other paranormal investigation, such as ghost and Bigfoot research. "We are talking about the same thing, but with a different mask," said Fitzgerald.



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