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Modern Ghostbusting

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Christian D. Cadieux owns Crime and Trauma Scene Cleaners and has had some bizarre experiences while decontaminating grisly crime scenes. He joined guest host Richard Syrett to discuss a division of his company, Paranormal Contractors, which investigates and remediates unwanted paranormal activity in homes and businesses. According to Cadieux, there are signs a paranormal presence is in the environment, including inexplicable odors, erratic pet behavior, and malfunctioning electronics.

Cadieux shared an account of an employee who quit while working a scene where the decedent had been decomposing for several months. "This individual was pushed aggressively by... an invisible assailant against the wall, and as a result of that, the individual had quit right there and then," he said, noting occult paraphernalia was found in the house. Cadieux admitted to witnessing equipment levitate several inches off of countertops and the floor. He estimated his company loses an employee every six to eight months because of strange occurrences, such as scratch marks, unseen voices, flicking lights, and equipment malfunctions.

Cadieux related a story told to him by his father about the time a decedent was spotted staring through a solarium window at the crew as they relaxed in the backyard. "I was told that four grown men stood up and started screaming, and ran out of the backyard," Cadieux recalled. He talked about some of his custom-made paranormal equipment, including Poltercom ghost communication box and "Seraphim" crossbow camera which can show the form of a paranormal anomaly (Related Photos). Cadieux also described his remediation protocols and how he utilizes accelerated photon ionization to trap entities in a containment unit lined with mirrors. "I have now successfully trapped an unwanted presence in an environment," he reported.

Mosquito-Derived Therapies

A newly formed partnership involving Bioquark Inc., a company that focuses on human regeneration and disease reversion, is exploring the potential health benefits of mosquito-derived therapies. In the first hour, Bioquark CEO Ira Pastor reported on the potential medicinal benefits of mosquito saliva (Related Article). Mosquitoes deposit a cocktail of substances for one purpose or another into human bodies when they bite, Pastor explained. "It's never been explored as to what the purposes of this spit/saliva, whatever you want to call it, is... there's a biological process going on here and a reason, something that evolution created," he said. According to Pastor, the treasure trove of substances in mosquito saliva include painkillers, anticoagulants, immunomodulating agents, and neuropeptides, all of which may benefit human health.

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