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UFO Subculture / Ancient Humans

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Date Host Jimmy Church
Guests MJ Banias, Bruce Fenton

Writer, blogger, and former field investigator with the Mutual UFO Network, MJ Banias joined guest host Jimmy Church (Twitter) to discuss the UFO subculture and the witnesses who have been forever changed by their encounters with the impossible. "The vast majority of the witnesses I spoke to were professionals, they were academics, some of them were high-level former government... and then all of a sudden their life just sort of changed when they experienced something that shouldn't exist," Banias said. Such encounters alter the fabric of reality for these experiencers, he added. One such case involves a woman named Amy, a retired flight attendant who lives on a farm with her husband in rural Canada, whose world was turned upside down by strange experiences, including a ghostly encounter at her neighbor's house.

"[Amy] is a woman who basically just wants to live her life and it’s been thrown out of whack by a whole array of various ufological and even paranormal experiences," he explained. According to Banias, Amy experienced something akin to missing time one day when her usual one minute walk down her driveway inexplicably took several minutes to complete. Upon arriving at her vacationing neighbor's house to check the dogs, Amy saw a woman on the porch who got up and walked straight through a door that had been barricaded by boxes from the other side, he continued. The neighbor confirmed Amy had seen a person who was dead. "The UFO narrative is full of people who experience a UFO sighting, and then that also gets tied into poltergeist activity or sightings of cryptids," Banias revealed.


During the latter part of the program, researcher of ancient mysteries, Bruce Fenton, talked about his latest work on human origins, hybrids, and evidence of an 800,000-year-old alien legacy. Jimmy referenced a piece of supposed UFO debris Fenton sent to him. According to Fenton, the fragment is a complex mixture of 20 different compounds which dates to around 780,000 years ago, when the giant ship it was part of blew up after an ambush. He suggested life on Earth was seeded by ancient aliens in the distant past. "At some point later down the line these intelligences have come back here and they've modified a hominin... that hominin has been upgraded," Fenton revealed.

Fenton shared his controversial theory which posits the ancestors of modern humans came out of Australia, not Africa as is widely held by mainstream scholars. Transitional fossils of early Homo sapiens have been found in East Asia, particularly China, which date to around 800,000 years ago, he reported. These hominins made their way to islands close to the Australian continent then crossed over, Fenton continued. "There's different human groups there, they're mixing down there, and that there is later on, events where people come out of Australia move through Asia and enter Africa," he said, noting there has been interactions with humanity's development by advanced beings since those early times.



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