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Autism & Vaccines

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Researcher Forrest Maready joined guest host Richard Syrett to discuss his new book, The Autism Vaccine, which chronicles the history of the diphtheria vaccination and its connection to autism. The diphtheria bacterium produced a toxin which caused horrific symptoms in children, including difficulty breathing and even death, he explained. Researchers developed a serum from the blood of immunized horses that could cure patients suffering from the illness, he continued, noting aluminum had been added to the horse injections to speed up antibody creation. After they saw how well horses' immune systems responded with the addition of aluminum it was decided around 1930 to test it in children to see if their immune systems would also respond more aggressively, Maready reported.

"When aluminum was added to the vaccine in 1932 that is really the seminal year, in my opinion, as to when a couple of things started going wrong health-wise with our children, notably the appearance of a new neurological disorder... they would later call it autism," he said. Maready outlined the work of Dr. Leo Kanner, a preeminent child psychiatrist at the time who recorded cases of this new disorder beginning with a patient named Alfred. He did not have a desire to play with other children or his parents, was obsessed with routine, and would get upset if they were disrupted, Maready disclosed. He connected other autism cases to vaccinations containing aluminum. "Vaccines unfortunately are uniquely suited to causing autism because of the way they are administered," Maready suggested.


'Paul is Dead' Conspiracy

In the first hour, conspiracy researcher Andrew Arnett talked about the 50th anniversary of the 'Paul is Dead' conspiracy, and Aleister Crowley's connection to the story and influence on The Beatles' music (Related Article). According to the theory, Paul McCartney was killed in a car crash on September 11, 1966, and replaced with a double. Clues were left behind in Beatles' songs and album artwork, especially Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. "The [Sgt. Pepper's] album cover undoubtedly presents a funeral ceremony," he said, noting several details which point to Paul. Arnett revealed how folding the album cover in half places Crowley's face above everyone else's as a nod to the impact his teachings had on The Beatles. The band's name may have come from a book by Crowley, he added. Arnett suggested Paul's death was symbolic and linked it to Egyptian mystery school initiate rites promoted by Crowley. "The 'Paul is Dead' concept is real in the sense it was perpetrated by The Beatles but not necessarily that there are two Paul McCartneys," he explained.

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