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Survival of Consciousness

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Mark Anthony, the "Psychic Lawyer," is a medium who specializes in communication with spirits. In the first half of the show, he discussed work as a medium, evidence for the survival of consciousness, including near- and shared-death experiences, and deathbed visions. "When somebody dies, what dies with them is the brain and the body... and the immortal spirit which contains the memories of everything that we've done here in the material world goes to the other side," Anthony said. Those who were evil during their physical lives retain memories of what they've done, have remorse, and are not evil in the spirit realm, he revealed.

Quantum physicists have acknowledged concepts such as the soul and eternal life in no way violate the laws of physics from an energy standpoint, Anthony continued. "Consciousness is an energy field which stays coherent after the death of the host," he added. According to Anthony, the four main arguments skeptics level against NDEs (that they can be explained by birth memory, expectancy, altered brain gases, and metabolic substances) no longer hold any water in light of recent survival of consciousness studies.

One of the most important revelations has come from research into shared-death experiences, where more than one person other than the one dying are part of the NDE. When a soul is beginning to leave a body its vibration and its energetic field increase which attracts spirits who align their frequencies with the dying, Anthony explained. These frequency emissions can be detected by other people who then become linked to the NDE, he noted. Anthony also talked about haunted real estate and if one must disclose paranormal activity. Some properties can become 'psychologically traumatized' by reputation or murder, he reported, pointing out that many buyers no longer care if a property is purportedly haunted. If it's the right size with the right features, they'll still consider it, Anthony acknowledged.

Open Lines followed in the third hour. During the final hour of the program, George hosted a special tribute to UFO researcher Stanton Friedman featuring guests Melinda Leslie, Chase Kloetzke, Alejandro Rojas, and Yvonne Smith, who spoke about the late ufologist's impact on them and the UFO field. The final half-hour was a replay from 10/24/18 when Friedman was a Secret Door guest.

News segment guests: John Curtis / Dr. Peter Breggin / Tim Binnall

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