GMOs & Gene Editing / Deadly UFOs

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GMOs & Gene Editing / Deadly UFOs

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In the first half, leading spokesperson on the health dangers of genetically modified foods, Jeffrey Smith talked about the war over GMOs and pesticides, as well as the most recent developments in synthetic biology and gene editing. A recent trial found Monsanto at fault in the case of a cancer-stricken couple who used their Roundup weed killer (made with glyphosate). The jury awarded the plaintiffs a staggering $2 billion in punitive damages. Bayer (who now owns Monsanto) may be considering a settlement for all the pending cases, said Smith, who noted that this was the first trial (out of three so far against Monsanto) where the plaintiffs' team was not restricted by the kinds of evidence they could present. The EPA had recently declared that Roundup is safe if used as directed, but what came out at the trial was that the person on the EPA's cancer committee who made the safety determination was actually "Monsanto's lapdog," Smith reported.

Dr. Caius Rommens, a scientist who helped develop GMO potatoes, denounced his own work, and published an exposé called "Pandora's Potatoes: The Worst GMOs" (the book has since been pulled from the market). According to Smith, Rommens admitted the new potato, designed to hide bruises, may contain toxins and cause health problems. Smith continued to speak out against the new Impossible Burger, a vegan product that looks like beef but is created by genetic engineering of yeast cells to yield new types of protein, never eaten by humans before. His concern is over unintended or unexpected effects on the consumer's health. Through May 22nd, people can watch for free Smith's documentary Secret Ingredients, which chronicles how a family reclaimed their health when they stopped eating GMO foods.


In the latter half, investigative journalist covering the paranormal and UFOs, Rob Shelsky, shared ominous details of how UFOs and their alien occupants cause damage, injuries, abductions, and sometimes even deaths. Looking at multiple sources, he's concluded that the otherworldly visitors are not our friends. While he does advocate trying to capture evidence of their craft such as with video, "if you think they're the least bit interested in you, run like hell!" He suspects that some of the 800,000 people that go missing each year (from the US alone) are abducted by aliens and never returned.

People have suffered severe illnesses and radiation burns from UFO interactions, he said, and abductees have been scarred and had strange objects inserted into them. Regarding deaths associated with UFOs, he cited a disturbing human mutilation case in Brazil from 1988 in which a man's organs were sucked out of his body through a small hole in the abdomen. Stationed in Vietnam, one soldier reported seeing unusual lights in the sky and beams shooting down. When he went to investigate, everything was burned including the people, Shelsky detailed, adding that afterward a cover-up seemed to take place and the witnessing soldier was transferred and demoted.

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