Sasquatch in the Rockies

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Sasquatch in the Rockies

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Guest host Connie Willis (Meet Connie) shared personal Sasquatch experiences she had recently while exploring deep in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, where she encountered a Bigfoot scaling up a mountainside and other strange anomalies she is still processing. Bigfoot researchers Tony & Ingrid Durant of Sasquatch Journey, Jason Frank, and Jim Myers joined Connie to talk about what happened when they took her to their favorite hotspots.

During her expedition with the Durants, Connie admitted using 'mindspeak' to communicate with Sasquatch in the vicinity to reveal themselves to her. There were signs of activity around them, including structures formed from felled trees, she noted. Tony reported they were at an altitude of 10,000 feet hiking up a steep 70-degree incline when he came upon a flat area with two trees. "In between those two trees was an X... the mark of a Sasquatch," he disclosed.

According to Connie, something revealed itself to her as she was making her way up the mountain. "I saw something straight across, parallel to me, I saw a 'man' and he had just run up to a tree and grabbed it - he was a big guy," she recalled, adding it moved so fast it was a blur. "I absolutely believe without a shadow of a doubt [it] was a Sasquatch - I think it heard what I said and it allowed me to see it," Connie said. Ingrid also witnessed something on this trip. "I saw something... I really couldn't describe what I saw," she confessed, suggesting the Sasquatch may have prevented her from snapping photos of them.

While camped at one of Jason Frank's hotspots, where Jim Myers was also in attendance, Connie reported seeing the top of a large hairy head with pointy ears outside the window of the truck in which she was camping. She also described witnessing a bright light from the trees shine on the vehicles and tents, as well as the feeling she was being remote viewed. "Something looked into my head... it didn't feel that good," Connie remembered, noting how much of what happened on this trip seems to have been suppressed.

Jason suggested the light Connie saw was the same one he witnessed several years ago in the region - "[a] glowing orb about the size of a beach ball... going in between the trees." Jim detailed a Sasquatch encounter at his tent where something was pushing in from the outside. He also played audio recordings of unexplained vocalizations from the area.

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