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Tech Advances / Pentagon's UFO Program

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In the first half, technology expert and computer consultant Lauren Weinstein discussed all things tech including 5G and the pros and cons that come with it, the amazing advances in virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence, and the sinister world of the dark web. Some have raised health concerns over 5G, the next generation of mobile networks, and how it uses wireless technology. Yet Weinstein uncovered that many of the negative articles about 5G originated from RT, the website backed by the Russian government. Conversely, Russia is rapidly deploying the new mobile technology in its own country. Rather than potential health damage from 5G, he is more concerned that the public might get taken advantage of-- paying more for 5G-enabled phones, but finding that the promised faster speeds and capabilities don't live up to the hype.

The dark web is a part of the internet hidden from search engines, and accessed by an anonymous browser called Tor. While not everything on there is illicit or illegal, law enforcement surreptitiously runs sites there to collect information on people who attempt to use it, he revealed. VR, which fools the senses into thinking they are in a place other than their real physical environment, offers tours of real locations, as well as artificial and game environments. High quality versions of it have become more affordable, he reported, with companies such as Oculus (a division of Facebook) selling their headset, Quest, for around $400. He was blown away by the experience at this price point, and marveled how it felt like science-fiction come to life. There are a lot of social aspects to the technology as well, Weinstein added, with participants being able to share virtual spaces together.


Author, journalist and UFO investigator Nick Pope reported on the latest bombshell developments in the still-unfolding story of the Pentagon's UFO program, AATIP, and the recent revelations about US Navy sightings and related policy changes. We've learned that it was the DIA not the CIA running AATIP, he disclosed, which is an interesting tie-in to the leak of UFO-related documents associated with Admiral Thomas Wilson, who ran the DIA from 1999-2002 (Pope noted that the documents have yet to be authenticated). Regarding the details revealed in the Pentagon's UFO study, it's possible that the anomalous aerial activity represents black projects by a foreign military power or even the US itself rather than evidence of ET visitation. But if China or Russia have developed something like this, it would demonstrate a quantum leap in aerospace technology and put the US "in a desperate situation" because their entire defense network is rendered virtually useless by this. "Whatever this is," he added, "seems to be able to run rings around us."

He reviewed the famed 1980 Rendlesham Forest UFO case (that involved radioactivity at a landing site), which he studied while working for the UK's Ministry of Defence, as well as the Cosford Incident which featured a huge triangular craft sighting in 1993, and key witnesses that included Air Force officers. Pope also expressed keen interest in the next generation of radio telescopes-- the planned Square Kilometer Array, for instance, would give us detailed radar-like information from within a 50-light-year radius.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Catherine Austin Fitts

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