Inside the Apollo Mission / Hypnotherapy & Souls

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Inside the Apollo Mission / Hypnotherapy & Souls

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In the first half, veteran space reporter Charles Fishman offered a fresh take on the race to the moon that puts the Apollo program in a new perspective in American history. He shared lesser-known details about the mission, such as how JFK, even though he gave his stirring 1961 "put a man on the moon" speech, was waning in enthusiasm for the mission by the fall of 1963. If Kennedy hadn't been assassinated, it's not clear that the US astronauts would have been the first to walk on the moon in 1969, he observed. Fishman revealed that the iconic image of the astronauts unfurling an American flag on the moon almost didn't happen, as it hadn't even occurred to NASA to bring along a flag until just weeks before the mission blasted off.

The rocket's onboard computer was state-of-the-art when it flew astronauts on the moon missions, he noted, yet compared to today's advanced machines, the Apollo's computing power was roughly equivalent to our microwave ovens. Still, he remarked, NASA's use of these early computer chips set the stage for transforming the economy and technology into the global digital culture we live in today. He spoke about the heroics and ingenuity of the astronauts, as well as how they reported that the moon had a peculiar burnt smell – "Aldrin described it as the smell of the air after a fireworks show." Fishman also recounted GM's efforts to include a car on the Apollo flights, and how a specially built radio-controlled toy car made it on the first mission.


Hypnotherapist, instructor and author, Bryn Blankinship uses the power of hypnosis and meditation as a way of removing boundaries, and self-healing. In the latter half, she discussed her clients' experiences of the spiritual realm as they accessed their soul's incarnations, and how they were often able to alleviate blocks in their lives and become more productive. By placing clients in a hypnotic state, they can access past lives, she explained, and through learning of their previous existences, their influences or lingering effect on one's current situation can be seen.

Under hypnosis, one client of hers recalled her job in the spirit world as a kind of "soul doctor," who helps beings with displaced souls reparent the soul back to their origin. During her sessions, Blankinship said her clients enter a state of timelessness, and a kind of "soul re-calibration" can take place. She has discovered that sometimes when people face intense difficulties in a given life, it can be part of the way that a soul learns and advances. She also talked about ET incarnations, in which souls who have incarnated on planets of pure energy and creation can transfer some of those attributes to their lives on Earth.

News segment guests: Dr. Peter Breggin, Howard Bloom

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