The Pancake House a.k.a. The Erickson Project: A Coast Exclusive

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The Pancake House a.k.a. The Erickson Project: A Coast Exclusive

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Dennis Pfohl was project manager of a 5-year scientific inquiry into a Sasquatch habitation situation in Kentucky (Related Video/Photos). Until tonight's program, many of the details surrounding the 2005-2010 study have been kept secret. Pfohl joined guest host Connie Willis (info) to exclusively report for the first time anywhere what happened during his team's investigation of a group of Sasquatch living around a family who claimed to interact with the creatures.

The multi-million-dollar project was privately funded by businessman Adrian Erickson, with the goal of gathering enough credible evidence from the location to convince the scientific community about Bigfoot's existence, Pfohl explained. Preliminary background research uncovered a relationship between these creatures and a woman who had been feeding pancakes and other scraps to them since she was five years old. "This entire thing centered around [this woman] because she had been exposed to these creatures in that area for her lifetime," Pfohl said.

Bigfoot researcher Matt Moneymaker got involved in the project early on and recorded footage of one of the creatures eating pancakes (Sasquatch Video 4), he continued. Pfohl divulged how he took over the study after another investigator got spooked by Sasquatch activity. There were multiple Sasquatch in the area, including a juvenile, two six-foot tall creatures, possibly female, and an enormous male. On one occasion the large male Sasquatch appeared to be agitated and it is thought he killed the family's Pitbull by twisting its neck, Pfohl noted.

The project captured video of Sasquatch activity in its natural habitat (Related Video/Photos), though Pfohl admitted there were challenges acquiring it. There were times when as many as three full-charged camcorders with night vision capabilities would inexplicably stop working as the creatures emerged from the tree line, he disclosed, noting the Sasquatch in this location do not appear to look like those from other reports. "They definitely didn't exactly conform to what we think they should look like," Pfohl said. He also noted the investigators collected hair, scat, and even blood samples from which they retrieved DNA. The nuclear DNA is not part of any known genome database, Pfohl revealed.

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