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One of the most significant leaks of UFO material was released a few weeks ago which chronicles a meeting by highly respected scientist Eric Davis and Admiral Thomas Ray Wilson, a man with a long and distinguished career in the US Navy. What took place during this meeting confirmed the existence of deeply classified programs to study extraterrestrial technology. UFO researchers, Dr. Steven Greer (first half) and Richard Dolan (second half), joined Jimmy Church to discuss the importance of these leaks and the reaction of the UFO community. Greer who'd long been aware of the Davis/Wilson meeting notes, said he had actually briefed Adm. Wilson on UFO disclosure issues. "The truth is," Greer said, "I've been warning the public for many years that there is this program dealing with UFOs in the government," a transnational effort that is "the largest criminal organization in the world and their operations have violated the Constitution and the rule of law and, we can prove it in a court case."

Exposing the criminality of the UFO secrecy program is one of the foundations of his Disclosure Project, he added. He detailed how he shared information with former astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who also attended Greer's briefing with Admiral Wilson. In the Davis documents, Wilson remarks that UFOs are real but alien abductions are not. Many abduction events are staged by humans, Greer asserted, "and they will victimize people who have had actual contact with ETs." He has concluded that genuine aliens are not a threat to humans, and instead of waiting for public disclosure people can foster their own types of direct contact with the beings-- what he calls CE-5 or close encounters of the 5th kind, which are made possible by the unbound field of consciousness.

Dolan said he'd known of Eric Davis' notes of his meeting with Wilson as far back as 2006, but until the recent document leak, he'd kept it under wraps. During the 1990s, Davis worked for Robert Bigelow's NIDS organization (which studied anomalous locations such as Skinwalker Ranch), and it was Bigelow who would later be tapped to spearhead the Pentagon's secret program to study UFOs. According to the leaked notes, Wilson and Davis discussed such topics as the recovery of UFO craft-- not just crashed discs, but ones that had simply landed on Earth.

What is it about this period that seems to be associated with more and more disclosure about the UFO enigma? Dolan believes it's the acceleration of technology that has amped up our ability to gain information and opened the door to a broader array of researchers. In addition, more people with security clearances seem to be carefully coming forward at this time. We could be heading toward an avalanche moment for disclosure, he suggested, and classified or black project tech advances may be brought out into the open, so private companies can fully monetize them. For more of Dolan's analysis of the Admiral Wilson leak, view this article.

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