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Challenges of Single Parents / Astrological Forecast

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Christian Wilde is an author and researcher who has devoted part of his life to helping others avoid health issues. He discussed his latest work tracking the lives of single parents and how they are the unsung heroes of the nation - holding a family together that is challenging even for two-parent households. He was joined by Las Vegas mental health counselor Cathy A. Smith, who shared secrets for staying healthy and sane. Wilde, who grew up in a single-parent home, cited that some 1/3 of kids today grow up in such situations in America. 80% of these homes are led by a single mom without a dad in the house, he said. Smith suggested that "childhood programs" (the values and experiences one grows up with-- often dysfunctional) have a significant impact on adult relationships. Frequently, people choose partners like their parents, which can lead to failure after a couple of years, she said.

Many single moms get into a "victim" mindset, Smith continued, and she helps them take their power back by connecting with other single parents, developing assertiveness skills, and stop blaming or trying to control their ex. She noted the rise of reactive attachment disorder, where parents prioritize tech-activities like texting on their phone over paying attention to their child, and this sends a message to the kids that they're not important. Support groups can be a healthy outlet for single parents, though in some cases with social media they can become toxic, and overly complaint-oriented, Smith remarked. Single parents should be consistent with their discipline, she added, and practice positive thinking or the law of attraction, as well as be brave enough to try new things.


Mitchell Scott Lewis has been a professional astrologer in New York City for more than two decades, specializing in financial astrology and medical chart interpretation. Throughout the 90’s he worked on the floor of the New York Mercantile Exchange and became well-known as an astrological trader and market analyst. In the latter half, he shared what he sees in charts for the markets and world events and why 2020 is shaping up to be very eventful. We're in between several eclipses, and these tend to be volatile and unpredictable times, he noted, such as with increased natural disasters. He's particularly concerned about California in that regard. "2020 is a time of great stress, but it's also a potential time for great change," he said, citing a build-up of planets in the sign of Capricorn, which rules stability, structure, and banking, as well as a period of Pluto return, where we may get rid of things we no longer need.

Though the stock market is booming now, he believes it's in a bubble and foresees a crash that will likely occur shortly after the 2020 election. He is advising his clients near retirement age to consider selling off their stocks. Explaining how he uses astrology for medical and health diagnoses, he looks at a client's chart, analyzing different "afflictions" (negative influences of planets). For example, if Venus is afflicted, you have to watch the thyroid gland and kidneys, if Saturn or the 10th house is afflicted, you have to look at the bones, joints, knees, and back. Lewis said he collaborates with various doctors, and practitioners, and tries to be as specific as he can be. In many cases, his medical diagnoses have proved quite accurate, he stated. During the last hour, he gave readings to callers based on their date of birth.

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