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Christian Wilde


Christian Wilde is a researcher and author of three groundbreaking books. His Turmeric+ Formula won the Emord & Associates Excellence in New Health Formula Innovation in Cambridge Maryland for inventing formulas that enhance health and life. His books including Hidden Causes of Heart Attack and Stroke, introducing inflammation’s role in heart disease, and Miracle Stem Cell Heart Repair for heart failure patients. Christian has been a singer/songwriter and independent producer for Capitol, MCA/ United Artists and Columbia records. His musical CD is available on his website with 14 songs including, You’ll Never Walk Alone, The Rose, Amazing Grace, Danny Boy and 10 originals.



Past Shows:

  • Health & Motivation / Kilgallen & Monroe Deaths Pt. II

    Researcher Christian Wilde discussed the benefits of turmeric, and Coach Bob talked about making positive changes in your life. Followed by author Mark Shaw on the connections between the deaths of Monroe, Kilgallen, and JFK.More »
  • Turmeric Health Benefits / Ayahuasca & Healing

    Christian Wilde reported on the health benefits of turmeric. Followed by Spring Washam on ayahuasca and healing.More »
  • Challenges of Single Parents / Astrological Forecast

    Christian Wilde and Cathy A. Smith spoke about the challenges of single parents. Followed by Mitchell Scott Lewis on financial and medical astrology.More »
  • Turmeric Studies / Afterlife Revolution

    Christian Wilde reported on the amazing health supplement turmeric. Followed by Jonathan Zap on afterlife communications.More »
  • Diagnostic Dogs/ Biblical Prophecy

    Christian Wilde discussed dogs' abilities for medical diagnosis. Followed by Bill Salus with a biblical prophecy update.More »
  • Turmeric & Health/ Esoteric History

    Researcher Christian Wilde shared updates on turmeric and heart research. Followed by Tracy R. Twyman on esoteric rituals, and Open Lines.More »
  • Medical Breakthroughs/ Secret Societies

    Researcher Christian Wilde discussed medical breakthrough treatments. Followed by author Nick Redfern on obscure secret societies.More »
  • Medical Breakthroughs/ Biblical Discoveries

    In the first half, author and researcher Christian Wilde discussed some of the latest medical research and breakthroughs related to using turmeric and stem cell treatments. In the latter half, professor, author and researcher Ken Hanson talked about the possible discovery...More »
  • Health Research/ Grieving & Spirituality

    Author and researcher Christian Wilde has devoted 17 years to researching and reporting on health modalities. He joined George Noory in the first half to share some of the latest medical information about cancer. In the latter half, clinical chaplain, certified...More »
  • Turmeric/ Prayer & Finance

    In the first half of the program, researcher Christian Wilde discussed how turmeric has been shown to offer benefit to some 600 different health conditions, including Alzheimer's, depression, diabetes and MS. In the latter half, author and the editor-in-chief of...More »
  • Heart Health/ Apostle Paul's Hidden Agenda

    In the first half, researcher Christian Wilde shared the latest developments in heart health, and other medical issues. The supplement turmeric, with its anti-inflammatory properties, continues to yield positive results in trial testing for warding off certain ailments and...More »
  • Future Events

    Nostradamus expert and prophecy scholar John Hogue returned to the program to tell us what may be next in our near and uncertain future. He views the period of May 2013 through December 2014 as a "breath before a new plunge in the quickening of history." First hour guest,...More »
  • Treating Alzheimer's / Soul Healing

    In the first half, researcher Christian Wilde discussed his analysis of treatments and natural supplements that can help protect against Alzheimer’s Disease, as well as aid in the prevention and treatment of heart disease. In the latter half, hypnotherapist Dr. Bruce...More »
  • Supernatural Savannah & Hag Attacks

    Former electrical engineer and expert in supernatural science, Voodoo, and conjuring, Tobias McGriff, discussed his exploration of the supernatural in Savannah, as well as history and cases of 'The Hag' phenomenon. First hour guest, researcher Christian Wilde shared updates...More »
  • Regenerative Medicine / Dulce Base

    In the first half, researcher Christian Wilde talked about the emerging field of regenerative medicine, and how scientists are actually building replacement body parts with stem cells. In the latter half, software engineer and UFO researcher, Anthony F. Sanchez, presented...More »
  • The Facebook Phenomenon

    Senior tech writer at Fortune magazine, David Kirkpatrick discussed the origins of the social network Facebook from a Harvard dorm room to a worldwide, game changing cultural phenomenon. First hour guests, researcher Christian Wilde and Dr. Nabil Dib talked about stem cell...More »
  • Global Upheaval & Strange Creatures

    Author and researcher Steve Quayle discussed a variety of topics including the global implications of the pneumonic plague in Ukraine, the precarious economic situation, the dangers of the volcano Anak Krakatoa in Indonesia and the CERN collider, as well as strange creatures and...More »
  • Heart Health & Weight Loss

    Appearing in the second hour, researcher Christian Wilde discussed how stress is one of the main contributors to heart attacks. Then, Jon Gabriel, a graduate of the Wharton School, shared how he discovered a mind-body connection that helped him lose over 220 pounds.More »
  • Planet X Special

    Jaysen Rand talked about his theories concerning the return of Planet X, which he believes to be a brown dwarf star around the size of Saturn. Then, callers offered their take on the possibility of a Planet X in our solar system, and in the last hour researcher Andy Lloyd shared...More »
  • Gem Healing

    Author and lecturer Dr. Shelley Kaehr returned for a discussion on gem healing, and her studies of Edgar Cayce, who championed the healing properties of stones during his trance sessions. Gemstones have different frequencies, and can be placed on parts of the body or chakra...More »
  • Alternative Health Special

    Author and researcher Christian Wilde reported on alternative approaches to treating heart disease. In the third hour, he was joined by holistic expert Gabriel Cousens, MD, and raw food authority David Wolfe. Wilde noted that turmeric has been shown to have strong...More »
  • 'Friday the 13th' Open Lines

    During Open Lines, George offered a special 'Friday the 13th' line. A caller from Beaumont, TX who was born on Friday the 13th said as a child he became convinced he was doomed because of society's negative view of '13.' He thought his fate was certain when the Apollo 13...More »
  • Men, Women, & Stress

    Relationship expert Dr. John Gray discussed his latest work on how men and women handle stress differently, due to gender-related chemical differences. Most "lifestyle" diseases are the result of how we respond to stress, he noted. Stress can cause elevated levels of cortisol,...More »
  • Stem Cell Treatments

    Appearing for all four hours, author Christian Wilde discussed the latest in heart disease prevention, heart health and the advances being made in adult stem cell research. He noted that doctors often fail to spot heart disease risk factors among patients, including sleep apnea...More »
  • Global Conspiracy

    Author and speaker David Icke returned for a discussion on his new work on the 'Global Conspiracy.' This conspiracy goes back thousands of years, he said: At one time there was a global society of great advancement, but after a cataclysm ended their golden age, they were split...More »
  • 'Worker in the Light' Special

    Best selling author, William J. Birnes spoke with George about their book Worker in the Light.More »
  • Treating Heart Disease

    Appearing in the last two hours, medical researcher Christian Wilde discussed how adult stem cells are being used to treat heart problems, as well as Parkinson's, spinal injuries, and blindness.More »
  • Reptoids & Animal Mutilations

    Researcher and phenomena analyst John Rhodes spoke about Reptoids-- which he defined as intelligent reptilian beings native to Earth that dwell in underground caverns.More »

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