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Tarot/ Science Fiction TV/ Open Lines

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Intuitive reader, energy worker, and artist, Shaheen Miro has been reading Tarot cards for most of his life. In the first hour, he discussed how people can use the Tarot to gain confidence and a sense of power over seemingly uncontrollable circumstances. Miro recalled that his introduction to tarot reading was from his mother, which was "her way of helping me to use my psychic abilities." Miro explained his concept of the "shadow" aspect of the personality as "part of ourselves that we disown or is disconnected and that we push to the side." He believes that this is usually the result of some traumatic experience in the past, which needs to be dealt with in order for people to grow spiritually and become healed psychologically.

In hour two, science fiction producer and writer Marc Zicree joined George to talk about his project, Space Command, a series which is currently shooting. Zicree first made his mark with a viewer’s guide to the original Twilight Zone TV series and has written for many studios, TV shows, and production companies for nearly 40 years. He described the current state of media and the glut of TV entertainment as hard to keep track of, but "when people find something of quality they stick with it." He believes that classic entertainers like his hero, Twilight Zone producer/ writer Rod Serling and director Alfred Hitchcock "would be very successful" today because of their incredible creativity.


During Open Lines in the latter half, Barbara called from California to discuss the recent earthquakes in Southern California. She said the recent "7.1 quake was the most violent one I’ve ever been through" and added that she "swore at it," although George stopped her before she could repeat what she said. A truck driver who didn’t want his name revealed on the air described his first Bigfoot sighting two weeks ago. He had just crossed over a river into Massachusetts and said he saw the creature standing in water "up to his knees." He added that it was "huge" and his reaction was "just shock and awe." "Doc" in California said he has recently observed great quantities of unusual fish in the San Francisco Bay, including "whales and great white sharks."

Shane called all the way from Australia to warn about the frequencies emitted by mobile phones, claiming that they are "putting us in a condition of mass control." Frequent caller Cornelius checked in from Louisiana with a report on the preparations for tropical storm (and possible hurricane) Barry, saying that "all of our hotels and motels are filled up." Suzanne tweeted a question to George about why people lie. He replied that, usually, it is to "get themselves out of a sticky situation," but it may also be a habit from childhood to keep from being punished. The last 30 minutes featured a clip from a classic show about the dark side of hypnosis with guest Rick Collingwood from 2014.

News segment guests: ‪Howard Bloom, ‪Peter Davenport, ‪Tim Binnall.

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