Spiritual Astrology / Combating COVID-19

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Spiritual Astrology / Combating COVID-19

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In the first half, therapist Debra Silverman joined Lisa Garr to discuss her unique psychological-spiritual model, combining her expertise in Esoteric (soul-centered) Astrology with her extensive education in psychology to help those going through major life changes. She talked about how the upcoming lunar eclipse on July 4th in North America (arriving on the US's birthday), represents a kind of emotional discomfort, falling in the sign of Cancer, with four planets in Capricorn. Eclipses, she explained, serve as a marker in time, and can be used as a motivator to make a change.

America is experiencing its first Pluto return (which happens every 240 years), she cited, and this puts the country in a particularly vulnerable state. Mars, she added, is moving into Aries for the next six months, signaling an excess of male energy, which will conflict with the Capricorn aspect, and we could see this play out as turbulence in the government. Silverman also noted that between June 18th and July 12th will be a period of Mercury retrograde, which is an excellent opportunity for people to stop and look backwards to see what was left behind and needs to be finished.


Spine surgeon Dr. David Hanscom has become known for teaching those with debilitating chronic pain to calm their nervous system, and eliminate "memorized" body pain. In the latter half, he discussed his new work on how to thrive and survive during the COVID-19 pandemic. During Hanscom's own bout with the virus (he became ill in March), he realized that an approach similar to solving chronic pain could be applied to combating COVID-19. By calming down the nervous system and the sense of threat, the inflammatory response is dampened, he explained.

When the immune system goes into overdrive, it can set off a "cytokine storm," which can be particularly deadly for COVID patients. Dr. Hanscom outlined a number of steps people can take to reduce this possibility. One of the most effective tools, he suggested, is "expressive writing," in which a person writes down their thoughts and feelings and then discards the paper they've written on-- thus separating themselves from their worries. This simple practice, which has been documented in research papers about treating chronic pain, has been shown to decrease viral loads and inflammation, he reported. Hanscom also cited the importance of Vitamin D in fending off the coronavirus and maintaining health, as well as other nutrients such as Vitamin C, zinc, and magnesium. For more tips, view this article from his website.

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