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COVID-19 Strategies / Mind Over Matter

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Dr. Anne Seifert, Caroline Cory

Formerly a researcher in the Dept. of Nutrition at Harvard University, Dr. Anne Seifert also holds a doctorate in public health epidemiology. In the first half, she discussed government policies related to slowing the spread of COVID-19 and why we are in our situation, what she thinks would help, and what makes it worse. Viruses are a kind of non-living entity, she explained. They could be thought of as a parasitic strand of information that attaches to the cells of a host in order to replicate. The general health of the human host affects how rapidly the virus will multiply, she continued. 

With COVID-19, the virus will eventually kill the host or be eliminated by the immune system, so it has to infect another host to survive. Generally, the transmission occurs from human-to-human through droplets in the air. Seifert stated that we haven't got the virus under control in the US because people aren't cooperating with social distancing and mask-wearing. Countries that ignored such mandates like Sweden, and states such as Texas and Florida have seen a significant increase in cases and deaths. In terms of eating out at restaurants, she recommended maintaining social distance and looking for good airflow or circulation.


In the latter half, writer, filmmaker, and personal coach, Caroline Cory, spoke about her experiments with telekinesis and mind over matter as explored in her documentary, Superhuman. In the film, she demonstrates changing her pH levels from acidic to alkaline (moving one whole point) just by focusing her thoughts. As presented in the documentary, and her workshops, she said she teaches people to read and perform actions while blindfolded-- activities that would usually require sight. Children, she added, are able to pick up these skills much quicker than adults.

Cory also reported on experiments that demonstrated telekinesis (moving objects through mind power alone). One object was placed in a vacuum-sealed environment and moved through conscious thoughts, and this shows that "consciousness is capable of creating molecules and enhancing them," she stated. In another experiment, Cory and a team were able to influence machines' behavior at a distance of hundreds of miles. This principle is the basis for remote energy healing, she added. "Consciousness is the fundamental substance of all existence," she continued, "and is manifest in different forms... We're all plugged into a larger, universal consciousness" that comes from a central hub or "source" of all that is.

News segment guests: Dr. Peter Breggin, Peter Davenport



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