Enhancing Brain Function / Magical Dreams

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Enhancing Brain Function / Magical Dreams

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In the first half, Dr. Kristen Willeumier discussed how to enhance your brain function to live a rich and healthy life in 2021. Willeumier admitted that she basically has not left her home in months because of the pandemic and noted that a recent article in the journal Nature reported significant increases in anxiety levels in the world due to COVID-19. During a study on brain injuries in football players, she and her team discovered that a combination of diet and lifestyle changes made "tangible, measurable changes" in the damaged brains of the athletes. This may have implications for brain function in apparently healthy individuals as well.

Willeumier emphasized that we "need to take care of our brain health," especially since there is evidence that COVID can cause neurological damage. Staying involved with "cognitively stimulating" activities and foods like berries (which help with memory) are now more important than ever. Willeumier dispelled a few myths about the human mind as well, such as the idea that multitasking is good for brain health. She commented that we "need to focus on a singular task" in order to do it efficiently. She suggested that performing a few mental exercises every day also helps to keep our cognitive abilities at their best, like writing with "the non-dominant hand" or learning and using a new word every day. Supplements such as Gingko biloba, omega-3, and vitamins are also helpful for brain function, she noted.


Author, hypnotherapist, inspirational speaker, and founder of Dream-Life Coach Training, Kelly Sullivan Walden researches magical dreams, eerie premonitions, and miraculous moments. She is a therapist practicing in Los Angeles, and counsels clients on using their dreams as tools of examination and self-improvement. A vivid dreamer since childhood, she recalled sharing the same dreams with her sister, which she referred to as "tandem dreaming." As she grew older, Walden said her dreams gave her a sense of empowerment and confidence.

Walden believes we are "infinite creatures," not stuck in the timeline of waking consciousness, and that dreams allow direct access to the subconscious. She quoted a hypnotherapy group that believes the dreaming mind is "88% of our power." She described a technique she refers to as 'Dreamifesting:' using the dreaming state to manifest change in waking life by focusing on "what it is you want in the moments right before you go to bed." If you feel that you are "already in sync" with the wish or desire, then the "subconscious mind will give us the tools to achieve the goals," Walden instructed. If woken from a dream you want to return to, Walden suggested either recreating the body position you were in, or concentrating on the part of the dream you remember as you go back to sleep.

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