Protecting the Grid / Earth Anomalies

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Protecting the Grid / Earth Anomalies

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In the first half, author William Forstchen Ph.D. discussed the world's power grids, and why they are vulnerable to an electromagnetic pulse (EMP). He outlined what would happen within a few days of either an EMP from a nuclear weapon or a massive solar flare if it directly hit the Earth. He recalled the last massive solar event, which took place in 1859, and "melted telegraphy wires off the poles," while also setting railroad ties on fire as the iron rails heated up. If this occurred today, Fortschen stated that the myriad of delicate electronics that keep our society running would all fail. Water would stop flowing through supply lines as pumps are rendered inoperative, and "would not be coming [back] for a long time." Food would begin to rot, and stores that weren't looted would run out of anything fresh in "20 to 25 days," Forstchen suggested.

At that point, he predicted, people would begin to die from diseases from spoiled food and a lack of clean, readily available water. Those who needed prescription drugs would panic, and pharmacies would "become a zoo in 24 hours." Electricity would be off for weeks or months as the infrastructure that keeps it running would be destroyed, he continued. People can prepare for this eventuality by obtaining water filters and portable generators, as well as storable food. Fortschen admitted that he was at a loss to explain why world governments have not made more of an effort to harden systems against this eventuality, which he said is "inevitable, sooner or later," although some power companies have been moving at a "glacial pace" to do so.


Author and researcher Mary A. Joyce is the editor of the Sky Ships over Cashiers website, which features cutting-edge and unusual topics. She directed the audience to use Google Earth and "become detectives" to find or examine anomalies as she has, such as the infamous suspected underwater structure off the California coast near Malibu. According to her analysis, the undersea form is "about 2 1/2 miles across" and has "pillars that are 600 feet tall." She believes she has found three other gigantic underwater structures near California, and suspects they may be remnants of "ancient civilizations like Lemuria or Mu." Joyce studied details of Mars using Google Earth and found what she says are numerous "giant entrances" that lead underground. She noted that even NASA has noticed these anomalies and called them "prime targets for spacecraft and future human explorers."

Looking at Antarctica, Joyce has also discovered what she thinks are more entrances to underground spaces, caverns, or even possible facilities. Mysteriously, Joyce revealed that often within a day of posting these suspected artificial features, she finds that they have been blurred or otherwise "messed it up so people can't see it." Closer to home in her state of North Carolina, Joyce has researched what she refers to as "Cherokee Little People." They have left evidence of their presence, she cited, with apparent complexes of tunnels that are "square cut with a round top," which were uncovered by construction workers in the years after WWII. She also mentioned her research into Bigfoot and has found that "they're not just monsters" and that she regards the creatures as "distant cousins of humans."

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