Channeling Bashar

Channeling Bashar


HostLisa Garr

GuestsDarryl Anka, Christopher Howard

For over 35 years, Darryl Anka has channeled a remarkable entity known as Bashar. He joined guest host Lisa Garr (email) on Saturday evening to discuss his work as a channel and the messages Bashar has shared through him. Anka described Bashar as a physical extraterrestrial being who has properties of spirit. He is evolving toward being non-physical, he added. Anka recounted a UFO encounter which set things in motion for his work as a channel, as well as the moment he experienced a telepathic contact with Bashar. "I remembered having made an agreement to do this with Bashar... I understood that the UFO had been shown to me on purpose by him to get me to start doing the research," he said.

According to Anka, Bashar presents himself as a first contact specialist who consults with those like him to initiate contact with other civilizations whenever they sense the civilizations in question are ready for it. "His primary message is that this is about the idea that we're opening up to the realization that we're not alone," he explained, noting "it's also about sharing information that has worked for them in their society to develop a peaceful civilization." They wish to help us evolve and to expand their interstellar family, Anka continued, adding the message is about self-empowerment, raising our vibration, and expanding our consciousness.

Tools for Life Success

Christopher Howard has achieved extraordinary success as a social entrepreneur, transformational speaker, and wealth strategist. During the final hour of the show, he revealed how to override old programming to transform one's life, and manifest greater achievement and fulfillment. According to Howard, we hypnotize ourselves into performing at a certain level. "When we think about our programming and conditioning... it's absolutely going to determine the kind of results we produce: physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially," he said. Howard identified the finger-pointing mindset as one of the biggest blocks to upgrading one's programming. Consciousness awareness is the first step to change, he explained, noting it leads to allowing one to choose his or her own beliefs, values, and attitudes.




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