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James P. Gray has been a trial judge in Orange County, California since 1983 and was the 2012 Libertarian candidate for Vice President. He contends that personal freedoms are being sold out to various vested interests, and in the first half, discussed his work with prison reform, school choice, and other issues. He was critical of the COVID stimulation packages, which he believes will saddle the next generations with an insurmountable deficit. During the pandemic, the federal government has arbitrarily interfered with the economy, he remarked, and should have allowed local municipalities to decide for themselves whether they want to keep their schools and businesses open. Gray is a strong advocate for school choice, noting that by bringing competition into this arena, the best schools and teachers will succeed, and the lesser ones will fall to the wayside.

We need smaller and more localized government that is transparent, said Gray, and he recommended that neutral commissions study both the recent election process and the attack on the Capitol in January. Further, every state should have investigations for reviewing whether some prisoners are innocent, such as through DNA testing, he suggested. Gray also talked about why he views the "victimization" mentality as a trap and that citizens should be incentivized to improve themselves. One of his recent endeavors is Pro-Ject Understanding, which seeks to find commonalities in the world's religions and philosophies. 


In the third hour, global entrepreneurial thought leader and author Ruble Chandy talked about how he learned that business and professional achievements need to include spiritual success and self-fulfillment, meaning how you succeed must be by positively impacting the lives of others. Influenced by Mahatma Gandhi's ideas, he has created a new model of collaborating together to build wealth. As the world continues to change and evolve, he noted that the ability to adapt is becoming more important, especially in the job market, where people may change careers more frequently than in the past. Banks, he added, are rapidly turning into an outmoded institution as finance moves into the electronic realm, along with the rise of cryptocurrency.


In the last hour, hypnotherapist Dr. Bruce Goldberg spoke about past lives and psychic empowerment. The average person has around 1,000 past lives, he estimated, and he makes use of hypnosis to regress people back to some of these existences. The purpose of past life regressions, he explained, is to help people understand why we do what we do, and teach us to avoid past mistakes. Interestingly, he said that our dreams can be "sneak previews" of both past and future lives. One of George Noory's future lives, Goldberg declared, is of a psychic researcher named Xeor from the 35th century, who develops a technique of cleansing the soul's aura, and lives to be 800 years old.

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