Real Sea Monsters / Healing Through Sound

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Real Sea Monsters / Healing Through Sound

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In the first half of the program, author Max Hawthorne joined Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss cases of real sea monsters and other marine mysteries. Hawthorne briefly spoke about his Kronos Rising novel series which imagines gigantic prehistoric creatures, such as pliosaurs, surviving ancient extinction events and wreaking havoc on the present day. He shared details from Garry Liimatta's 1969 encounter with what he believes was a monstrous 38-ft sea turtle swimming around Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Get more details about this encounter at

Hawthorne reported on a giant octopus sighting witnessed by a man named Demetrius off of Sanibel Island in Florida in 2013. According to Demetrius' account, he and his friends were on a charter boat two miles off shore using rancid bait for fishing when a section of tentacle measuring approximately 30 feet in length emerged from the water and snaked its way to the boat. The witnesses claimed the octopus arm was a massive three feet in diameter, he revealed, noting that when they saw the rest of the body it was estimated to be 80 or 90 feet in length. Hawthorne also commented on the cover of his new book, Monsters & Marine Mysteries, which shows a colossal squid attacking a sailing ship. He suggested it could be based on the sinking of the Pearl in 1874, when the 150-ton schooner was supposedly attacked and sunk by an enormous squid.


During the latter half of the show, certified vibrational sound therapist and integrated health coach Christina Grozik discussed the healing powers of sound. Her new documentary, Going Om, looks at the potential to raise or lower the vibrations around us through sound. Grozik described her therapeutic practice as integrated vibrational energy work. Vibrations affect us at an emotional level, she explained, noting how we use sounds at sporting events, for ceremonies, and during times of war. We are individual energetic beings connected with the greater energy that comprises all of us, she continued. "Our energy says a lot about us," she added.

Grozik spoke about how music moves us and why the collective celebration of live music at a concert raises the vibration of the space. She reported on the use of singing bowls to help rehabilitate and calm elephants for maintenance. "Something you can travel with if it can impact a creature of that size... what's bringing that creature to that state," Grozik pondered. She credited the vibration and sound created by singing bowls with giving her better sleep, more clarity, and all around better health. Grozik uses the bowls with clients as a massage for the nervous system, and has seen it help alleviate pain. "Really what we're talking about is moving energy through the system," she said.

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