Mega-Drought / Names & Color Codes

Mega-Drought / Names & Color Codes


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsSteve Quayle, B. P. Greycastle

In the first half, researcher, author, and documentary film producer Steve Quayle discussed his latest documentary (view trailer) about the drought plaguing the US West and why he thinks it will continue for many years-- impacting major cities and endangering millions of lives. Flying over the west for a previous documentary, he began to notice how places like Lake Mead and Lake Powell (among the largest reservoirs in the US) were at historic low water levels, along with major rivers like the Missouri and the bodies of water that feed into it. Quayle pinned some of the blame for the drought on geoengineering and weather manipulation. Chemtrails, he asserted, have a "particulate aerosolization that's literally sucking the moisture out of the air."

Arizona is planning on water cutbacks or rationing, and we could hear of more and more water restrictions, as well as intermittent power cuts in places that depend on hydroelectric power. This will affect crops, and we'll really start noticing the issue when various products and food items will no longer be available on grocery shelves, he warned. Expect to start seeing this by next month, he added. He recommends that people purchase prepper supplies, especially a portable water filter. Quayle believes we are living through the beginning stages of the prophesied biblical 'Tribulation' period, where the two most precious commodities will be fresh water and edible food. He foresees "water wars," and that fresh water will exceed the cost of oil by the barrel.


B. P. Greycastle has broken down the human character, and color codes deciphering why we think, feel, believe, and act in the ways we do. He contends that the success of many famous people is based primarily on them cultivating character traits of their color-coded names. In the latter half, he explained his theory and how it manifests and shapes people's personalities. There are seven endocrine or energy centers in the body (which correspond to the chakras), he outlined, and these include physical, spiritual, mental, vocal, and emotional centers. Every time someone calls your name, the specific sound gives off a color wavelength vibration that is sent to the energy centers. Over thousands of times, this lays the foundation for your personality and character traits, he continued.

Building on Isaac Newton's alignment of colors to a diatonic scale, Greycastle associates letters with specific colors-- for instance, C, J, Q, and X are red, and D, K, R, and Y are orange. The colors and shades represent different character traits and meanings, both positive and negative, he noted. Around 90% of the winners of the Nobel Prize for physics are what he classifies as "purple spiritual people," with their first or last names starting with B, I, P, or W. Another example he cited was how most of the successful talk show hosts have a J in their names like Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, and Sally Jesse Raphael. During the last hour, he offered personality readings for callers based on their names.

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