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Clairvoyance & UFOs / Open Lines

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In the first half, twin brothers Philip and Ronald Kinsella joined Connie Willis (info) to update their work researching alien abductions, and share their own experiences as abductees in 1989 and 1982, respectively. Philip's story involved an alien being entering his family's home, where it rendered him paralyzed and floating in the air. He was then dragged outside, he claimed, where he saw the sky was filled was UFOs. He said he blacked out, only to come to in a medical lab, where he was prodded and probed by three reptilian beings that seemed oblivious to his pain and terror.

In Ronald's abduction account, he was whisked from his bed one night and up into the sky. Like Philip, he claimed he was taken to a medical facility for experimentation, this time by three creatures in space suits. Afterward, he was returned to his bedroom, where he awoke to the image of the Cheshire Cat projected on the wall.

Although they're ultimately glad that they came forward with their accounts, the brothers related the challenges the experiences have presented. For many years following his abduction, Philip said, he wondered whether he was "going mad" and avoided sharing his story. Through a UFO support group he joined, however, he was relieved and intrigued to learn that others had gone though ordeals similar to his. Ronald also avoided going public with his experience until around 2010, when he encountered a triangle-shaped spaceship. The event was simply too irresistible to keep secret, he explained, so he wrote about it in detail and published the result as a book. Both brothers recalled that their encounters were so profound that they were inspired to do further research into others' experiences, with Ronald even devoting his skills as an artist to painting the alien beings as he remembered them.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program, with the Kinsella twins staying through the third hour to talk with listeners. Brian, calling from Washington, related his own account of abduction by aliens. He wondered whether the lost time he experienced could be recovered through hypnosis. Philip indicated that the idea was worth a try, if a trained professional was doing the hypnotizing. Cliff in Florida speculated that alien abductions may in fact be the work of demons; Ronald replied that the possibility could not be dismissed, and that he actually discusses it in one of his books.

In the final hour, Julie in Seattle described being taken inside an ET craft, where, she reported, she was fed a eucharist-like wafer. Enjoying its taste, she took another wafer, which angered her alien captor, she recounted. After she asked whether any other listeners had also had encounters involving the wafers, Rex in Los Angeles called to confirm that he was given similar items to eat during an abduction, which he was told would help with his "transformation."

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