Truth, Lies & ETs / Princess Diana's Death

Truth, Lies & ETs / Princess Diana's Death


HostRichard Syrett

GuestsDon Donderi, Sarah Whalen

Earth is in the middle of a revolution. It might lead us to more knowledge about ourselves, our place in the universe, and the universe itself, or it might lead us to catastrophe. That's according to Don Donderi, a retired McGill University psychology professor. He joined Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss his forthcoming book, "Truth, Lies and ETs" — how aliens might get here, what they'll do once they’re here, and how we should react after the world makes undeniable contact.

Donderi outlined what he views as evidence for the reality of UFO/ET phenomena, including photos, video and instrument recordings, and eyewitness reports. "The reports were so consistent that there was no particular reason to think that either a large part of the world was deluded or... faking it for their own interests," he said. According to Donderi, the work of science in the 1950s and 1960s changed to focus on theories over evidential phenomena. "They reality is that there are extraterrestrial vehicles in our atmosphere, that the ETs in those vehicles are there and they're looking at us," he revealed, noting they occasionally come down and "mess with us." Evidence accumulated over the last 75 years shows we may be part of an experiment to produce hybrids, Donderi suggested.


During the second half of the program, journalist and attorney Sarah Whalen shared her research into the death of Princess Diana. According to Whalen, the car crash that killed Diana was a carefully orchestrated assassination. Diana had entered into the political arena with her work banning land mines, which was something that royals and former royals simply did not do, she explained. "Diana stepped over that [political] line," Whalen said. Diana also publically announced during an interview that Prince Charles was essentially not fit to be king or at the very least did not want the position, she added. Yet another point which likely riled the royal family.

Whalen spoke about a pagan sacrificial system — a tradition of sacrificing monarchs every seven to nine years in order to remain prosperous. If a monarch wanted to continue living, they could find a substitute for their sacrifice, she revealed, noting Princess Diana was that substitute for the House of Windsor. Since royalty is cloaked in layers of people who handle things, the inner core were distanced from the planned assassination, Whalen disclosed. They knew Diana's death had to be natural and they took time to plan it, she noted.



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