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Life After Death

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Nick Cook, defense and aerospace journalist, is one of the recent winners of Bob Bigelow's annual BICS contest. He joined George Knapp in the show's first half to discuss the survival of human consciousness after death. It was his intention to introduce "some quite out-there concepts," Cook revealed. On a quantum scale, for example, everything operates according to frequency and resonance, including our own consciousness, even after death. He recounted traveling to the USSR in the 1980s as well, in order to research the Soviet government's use of psychic power and remote viewing.

Cook also gave an update on UAP. Referring to the recent attention it's been getting by the US government, he finds it surprising that it's now the debunkers and deniers who are "probably on the wrong side of the argument." He did caution, however, that the findings of the Department of Defense may not be as forthcoming as many would like. Cook tied UAP to his research into human consciousness by pointing out that his attempts to study UFO activity as a purely physical phenomena led him nowhere; it was recognizing the underlying psychic component to UAP that led to progress in his understanding, he said. (See his BICS essay here)


Bernardo Kastrup is a leader in the modern renaissance of metaphysical idealism—the notion that reality is essentially mental. In the second half, he talked about his BICS-award-winning essay on a case for postmortem survival based solely on mainstream science, asserting that the last forty years of quantum mechanics and the last twenty years of neuroscience make supernatural explanations unnecessary. One key to the nature of reality, for Kastrup, is that it is preceded by consciousness, and not the other way around as we typically understand it. Moreover, what we believe to be reality can never be accurate, because we can only ever use our senses and thoughts—products of our individual consciousness—to "map out" what we believe to be objectively real.

Although his idea of human consciousness persisting after death is not a new one, Kastrup continued, we don't continue to an afterlife as described by religion, nor does our body simply become matter and energy redistributed into the physical universe in the way that science might explain. Since life as we recognize it is—and can only be—a particular state of the single, eternal field of consciousness that has ever existed, we instead continue on as the uninterrupted "thought" of this ultimately subjective reality. (See his BICS essay here)

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