Nick Cook

Nick Cook


Nick Cook is an author of 20 fiction and non-fiction titles in the US and the UK, including several ghost-written Sunday Times bestsellers. A former technology journalist, he is well-known for his groundbreaking, best-selling non-fiction book, The Hunt For Zero Point. He has also written, produced and presented two feature-length documentaries for the History and Discovery channels. As a speaker, Nick imparts his wealth of experience passionately on issues such as global challenges, sustainability, defence and security, the future of technology, the power of story and - tapping the theme of his latest, fact-based thriller, The Grid - the human mind.



Past Shows:

  • Life After Death

    Journalist Nick Cook discussed human consciousness after death and his continued research on UAP. Followed by Bernardo Kastrup, a philosopher of metaphysical idealism, on the notion that reality is essentially mental.More »
  • Rendlesham UFO Conspiracy / Consciousness & Remote Viewing

    Nick Redfern, shared an alternative theory for the Rendlesham Forest UFO case. Following that, aerospace journalist Nick Cook discussed his new novel The GridMore »
  • Antigravity & Zero Point Energy

    Reporter for Jane's Defence Weekly, Nick Cook presented an in depth conversation on the subjects of antigravity and zero point energy. Cook said the concept of zero point energy -- that a potential and limitless power source pervades all of space -- is "rooted in science."More »
  • Rebroadcast: Nick Cook 3/14/04

    In this rebroadcast from March 14, 2004, Nick Cook, a reporter for Jane's Defence Weekly, discusses antigravity and zero point energy.More »
  • Antigravity & Zero Point Energy

    Reporter for Jane's Defence Weekly, Nick Cook discussed the latest information on antigravity and zero point energy.More »
  • Zero Point & Anti-Gravity

    Writer Nick Cook appeared on Wednesday's program discussing technological developments that involve Zero Point energy (ZPE) and anti-gravity. Cook explained that ZPE is a "background radiation source that pops in and out of existence on a relentless and infinite scale." However,...More »
  • Visions of War

    As war broke out on Wednesday night, George stayed on the air for a full six hours combining updates from the Middle East with open lines. Callers phoned in their reactions to the new war and how it was affecting their lives. George also set up special topic line "for people who...More »
  • Nick Cook

    Imagine the power, economic and military, that would fall into the hands of the person who figured out how to bypass the ordinary laws of physics, defy gravity, and travel near the speed of light. Though it sometimes seems to fall in the realm of science fiction more than pure...More »

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