Numerology of 2022 / Mind-Body Practices

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Numerology of 2022 / Mind-Body Practices

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Numerologist Glynis McCants (toll-free number 877-686-2373) is an expert in how patterns of events unfold according to the energy signature of specific numbers. In the first half, she discussed the energy of 2022, a year of "6," with a particular look at the situation in Ukraine. It came to her attention that the start date of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, 2/24/2022, added up to 68, the same number at the start of WWI. Yet, she doesn't see the conflict as the beginning of WWIII since we are in a "6" year which is a time for the planet's population to work together. This has been exemplified by the many countries uniting against Russia's actions, she pointed out.

McCants outlined how Vladimir Putin is in a personal year of "5," and this was not good timing for his aggressions, and consequently, things have backfired on him. Ukraine's leader, Pres. Zelensky, actually shares some numbers with Putin, including being in a cycle of "5" but since he's a "6" lifepath, he's able to thrive in crisis mode, she explained. Because 2022 is a year that has three "2s" in it, it's an ideal juncture for people to manifest their goals and desires, she added. In the second hour, she gave readings to callers using their birthdate and first name to analyze their numbers (view related chart). For more, check out Glynis' recent video on 'Intensity Numbers,' which can be found in the spelling of your name.


Founder of World Healing Day and World Tai Chi Day, Bill Douglas has taught meditation to large corporations and medical centers for over 30 years. In the latter half, he spoke about the science of consciousness and the transformative nature of mind-body effects. Mind-body practices include yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and mindfulness training. Scientific studies, he reported, have shown that these practices can reduce anxiety, slow the aging process, lower blood pressure, and fend off or lessen various medical conditions. A 20-year Kaiser Permanente study found that between 70-85% of illnesses have some relationship to stress, and Douglas believes that mind-body techniques could be a huge game-changer for people's health.

Douglas contends that mind-body practices have helped lower the violent crime rate over the last 40 years, and his World Tai Chi Day was shown to create greater coherence in global consciousness by Princeton's Global Consciousness Project (view related graphics). Tai Chi, he explained, involves learning to relax while in motion and is associated with bringing your consciousness into the alpha state. Qi Gong is similar to Tai Chi and works with energy (Douglas offers a free meditation called Sitting Qi Gong). Mindfulness encompasses becoming more aware of our actions, thoughts, and feelings as we are experiencing them, and when we are in that state, we may feel more gratitude, he noted, which is said to be healing for the brain and the heart. He also talked about the Global Transformation Project, an initiative to bring voluntary mind-body practices to public education worldwide.

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